How to legally exploit sitter for yours and Kingdom benefit

  • Hola again!

    These are fake accounts that are used to support yourself and your allies, not legitimate accounts that are actually being played normally. Imo all your accounts should be banned if you play this way. Since the real owner barely even logs in and doesn't play, you're effectively multi-accounting by using a loophole in the rule. You're only technically not multi-accounting, but by the 'spirit of the law', you obviously are.

    Georgi I know Faust is usually a troll, but this is actually an existing problem, part of the multi-accounting problem. Would this still count as illegal? It certainly could be caught by checking how often/long an actual user logs in compared to the number of actions taken by the account...

  • Hi guys,

    I hate to ruin the party but I have to remove the content from this thread because:

    1. This is against the rules and considered multiaccounting. Covering the fact that it is you controlling and playing both accounts with the sitter function doesn't work, you will get caught.
    2. The forums are everything but a place to share and discuss exploits, especially when they are actually against the game rules.

    Ammanurt yes, it is indeed illegal(refer to 1.) and can be easily detected so should you have any doubts someone slipped through just let the MH team know by sending a ticket :)

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    Travian Kingdoms International