about the TOP 10 cheater

  • hello

    so i see very high number on top 10 that is impossible to rich in the first 2 or 3 days in server (come 1*3)

    of curse he is using bot program of some kind !!

    why not keep cheeking them and ban them ?

    make server clean do not kill the game plez

    there some idea about how u can get the bot user plez do it

  • Hi there icys#AE

    welcome to the forums!
    What iTob said is true. What you observed doesn't necessarily mean that the player in question is cheating, however should you suspect them please submit a report via the Help Center and our MH team will look into it asap.

    Best regards

  • The much better question is, why would a bot help you to farm early game, when there's no farmlists to click, but only manual scout & attack farm options?