Farm list - scouts

  • I know the only reason for this request is make it easier to find heroes during operation.

    sending waves of single scout to multiple villages with minimum effort.
    I don't like it.

    after this people would ask for cata list to zero others with no effort, attack list to send fakes etc...

  • I dont think finding heroes is the only reason...the main reason would be to make it easier to do these tedious clicking actions on big parts of the map. Taking into account how much time this game tends to take out of peoples days it´s only morally right to make things smoother imo.

    Cats in farm list too...why not

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  • During the night truce and when the troops have the time to enter the attack, when the truce is in progress, the "List overview" can not be edited. The edition does not matter when the army will attack, therefore it should be possible to change: the type and number of troops.