I want to keep the three expansion slots of my 15c free.

  • So this is what one of my friends said in a chat and I thought I'd post it here:


    To experienced players:

    I have spawn and 15c capital now. I want to keep the three expansion slots of my 15c free. and I want to make one more village asap. which path I should take? shortest and economical suggestions would be much appreciated.

    upgrading residence will cost me 700K any better option?

    My second option, settle 3rd village from 15c. On the 3rd village, build MB lvl 5, RP lvl1, G lvl3, WH lvl7, Residence lvl10, train settlers and settle 4th village. Then I cata down the 3rd village to free the expansion slot on 15C. It cost me only 104K. Am I doing anything wrong in my calculation? Looking forward to the input from you guys.

    Also, I have heard people saying that you can use a chief to move used expansion slots from one village to another? Although I don't know if this works against a capital.

  • Seeing as this is early in the game your best option is to just get a residence 10 there and use that to settle your next village.

    After that you can use one of 2 methods to clear the slot

    1) you chief your new village from a third village later freeing the slot

    + you get to keep the village and have no need to slow down development when it matters the most

    - it might take a while to get to chiefs in your next village, you might even need to settle few more before getting that chief to restore the slot

    2) you do as you say there and immediately settle a new village and then catapult it down

    + it's lot faster than the cheif method

    - you need 2 culture slots slots which are at premium early game (one to build the new village with and one to settle out from there), you do get the slot used back but you will need to delay your progress until you have catapulted the new village out.

    You shouldn't build troops or upgrades in either of these approaches as the demolition will obviously negate all your progress. If you use the chiefing option you get to keep the buildings but all units an levels will be reset so watch out for that.

    3rd option would be to make a palace 15 in your starter but it's imo the slowest and costliest option this early in the game, as such you should stick with one of the above options.

  • Usually you build residence 10 in your 15c and settle your 3rd village as normal - later you chief your 3rd village from another village, such that the slot in the 15c becomes free again.

    One might argue, that it's very expensive, because you have to pay for research, residence, chief, and so on, only to get the slot free.

    But. It's the cheapest method FOR NOW. Later you pay more, but now you minimize your cost ... and resources now in the early game are much much much more valueable than resources later.