• Hi there,

    Haven't played travian over 10 years, and now there are new things introduced as hero items.

    1 ) which boots are better doing long distance with catapults :

    Small Spurs or Boots of the Mercenary .

    As i don't have any of them at the minute , don't want to be wasting gold/silver on certain item which isn't the best for my account.

    2) There use to be that WW villages spawn later in the game , but now it seems that they are introduced straight away from day 1 . So it means i could conquere the WW village really early and build it up ,before the building plans are released ?

    Thank you everyone in advance for the replies.

  • Answer:

    1) Small Spurs has effect only on your hero, so your hero will run faster together with your army.
    -While Boots of the Mercury reduces overall travelling time so it is suited with your preference.

    2) Nope, but people can plan how they plays regarding on the WW issue since Day 1,
    for when you can conquer it is depend on what speed server you plays.
    -It's normally 112 days for 1x server, and 45 days for 3x server.

    Please PM me of your contacts for further information. :) :):S:)

  • 1) Spurs affect your hero only - if you travel with catapults, they have simply no effect, because the slowest unit (catapults) determine the speed of the attack.

    2) No, you can't interact with WotWs before day 111 (normal speed) / day 44 (3x speed). Also, there are no building plans in TK, you can build them without any further requirements.

  • Thanks for the replies , appreciate it .

    One more question

    If i leave great granny and great warehouse at lvl 1 in my Capital ,and move the artifact to different village or give it to someone else . Will i be still able to upgrade them to lvl 20 without the artifact ?

  • Since there are no artifacts you need feeder villages instead. Preferably inside you kingdoms boarders since you get stupendous amounts of crop later on from stolen goods. The good old 10GG/2GW and GB/GS is in the past now. Only Cities can make GB/GS and ofc your cap. Standard villas will no longer be able to house large hammers. So plan you expansions wisely and really Traderoutes are a must for decent players since we have so little space for crop. Welcome to the adjustment fase. If you can adjust you might enjoy Kingdoms. If you can't then it's back to Legends (T4 these days), But beware... They have 5 races now so it still isn't the same as 10y ago