• hello

    so is it really fair that players on less then a 15 days

    can realy steal 3.5M every weak !!!

    i think they are cheater all the player on top 10 (Robbers of the week) for sure the top 4

    i mean i really did good job but i can maybe get Half Million lets see they better then me by Double (1M) that not even close even if i triplet that (3M) i am not there yet i need to even more 600k i am sure this weak they will get 4 or 5

    i am sure they are cheater (at least they can see where is the resources ) i have almost 300 farms and also i attacked big player to make them farms but that did not help

    but why they do not get ban ?

    so guys tell me what you think ?

    =sorry for my bad English=

  • 1) Keep stable running 24/7.

    2) Add new farms constantly.

    3) Sending farmlist out as much as possible.

    4) Get a dual/sitters to cover when you are away.

    5) Once you reach 1000 outbound raid limit, start building in a second village.

    Number 1 is the most important and overlooked way. Troop training is expensive but the horses pay for themselves fairly quickly. Not an expert but these are what I've learned farming.

  • This, if you follow this tips i'm 100% you can also farm 3-4m weekly on the earlygame, maybe some cheats? Yes, there's always one, but in my experiencie you can achieve this numbers by just learning how to raid :)

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  • Hi there crazy999

    welcome to the forums!
    Thank you for bringing our attention to this but as already explained by leo#EN(19) and Malkavian (thank you guys!) it is possible to raid that many resources without breaking the game rules. Should you however still suspect the player in question of cheating please send a ticket to our Multihunting team via the Help Center and we'll investigate it asap.

    Please note that due to legal reasons we are unable to discuss any third party information, including punishments

    Best regards