Change to score off with thieves

  • I wanted to propose a modification to the scoring system for offenders, in particular with regards to the points acquired with attacks on thieves' hiding places.

    Currently 50% is awarded for pt offs and 100% for exp heroes compared to the total score, given by the wheat consumption of the troops in defense of thieves. In my opinion it is a wrong thing because it penalizes the most active players attacking the other players, to the advantage of those who never move to attack, but only limit themselves to defeating the thieves.

    It is normal that those who do not attack can easily accumulate large numbers of troops and thus have thieves with many defenses to defeat that earn a lot of pt offs with minimal losses, since they are npc without walls, bonus hero, up in forge etc ...

    Those who use the troops on the other players, on the other hand, find themselves having to face real opponents, who can defend themselves in various ways, losing many more troops than thieves, with the same off pts earned.

    In these 3 years that I play in the kingdoms I found myself on every server to see the top offender always full of scarce players who don't know how to attack, but who are there thanks to thieves and the same goes for the general off; of course, there are exceptions, but this is usually the case, so I wonder why these players are rewarded at the expense of those who actually know how to play and decided to follow a more aggressive strategy.

    The medals and awards should go to the attacker, but the opposite happens :/

    For example, the defender ranking is much more balanced and only the best players stand out.

    So my proposal is to change the pt offs attributed by attacks on thieves by reducing the percentage from 50% to 15%, or even less, and leaving pt exp unchanged for the hero. In this way, I believe that the merits are attributed to the best players.

    Georgi  FabianF  BridgetB

  • everyone has robbers to kill, everyone is equal in robbers system

    and everyone is killing the robbers.

    it just gives everyone same amount of attack point, who was rank 1 is still rank 1.

    where is the problem?

    rank:1 points:200

    rank:2 points:100

    rank:3 points: 50


    rank:1 points:10200

    rank:2 points:10100

    rank:3 points:10050

    I've never seen someone with just killing robbers pop in top10.

  • actually no one knows how it works except Travian Games.

    yea if you have less troops you will get weaker robbers.

    but how you are good aggressive player, and you don't have good hammer?

    who actually know how to play and decided to follow a more aggressive strategy.

    if you are loosing your troops everyday from your main hammer, it's not strategy, it's kamikaze.

    if you are too good at this game make two armies.

    For example, the defender ranking is much more balanced and only the best players stand out.

    yea spikers in top 10 def are best players.

  • So you asking this change to make 3% king players happier, remove other 97% players from top10?

    first I thought you want make it harder and more challenging

    now seems you want make it easier and less challenging for kings.

    I hope they never change this.

  • The king is just an example to make you understand, I want to make it more difficult to win medals because I like competition and to attack robbers you don't need any skill.

    Then why 97% out of the top? If a player is strong, he also enters without robbers, did you say so?

  • governors don't have easy resource that kings have.

    kings don't have easy point that governors have.

    it's balanced imo.

    I checked my current server, some kings and vice kings have attack medals, even rank 1-2

  • you like to play easy and respect it, but this discussion is for competitive players who would like to change things

    Sorry dude, but this makes you sound slightly arrogant. I don't think lua is an inexperienced guy that does not want competition! But you are missing, or confusing, something here.

    Your statement is that people who sit back, build a massive hammer (maybe for endgame WW rush?) get lots of off points for their big hammer from killing robbers, while people who use their hamemrs in game and lose it once or twice will have less robbers and thus less off points. Well, if they lost their hammers AND have skill, they will have killed quite a few real deff troops doing so. These are twice as effective as robbers, so they are easily on top of the laidback hammer builders. If they are really good, they lose only a fraction of their hammer and still kill a decent amount of deff, thus enabling them to get big robbers AND "real" deff points. So I do not see the problem in the system as it is, regarding your criticism.

    However, I do see a problem in the robber system: Nowadays, it is a much "better" strategy to focus on deff building, accumulate a huge number of players and use auto-generation of treasures from robbers to achieve big numbers of VP. At the same time, stealing treasures from other kingdoms has become increasingly difficult (ditch, push-notofocations and such).