New special type of Worlds

  • In this special world where there is no union of 2 kingdoms and menhir feature, some of the plus aspects that come to my mind:

    • If the new players come into this special world, the chances of winning against the metas and premade teams will increase.
    • In day 1, 20-30 players will not be able to gather in a single kingdom. The players will now try to rely more on each other, oblige to cooperate with the Kings around them and wage great treasure wars.
    • From the second week, the first 3 Kingdoms that would remain to the end of the game were making itself felt and the players were competing to enter these kingdoms. Those who lost hope were leaving not just the game world, but Kingdoms altogether. Now the players will have more fighting spirit and fight harder to win. They will not delete their avatars until even 1 month is up, and there will likely be an increase in the number of players.
  • 3 kings on the same alliance has the same effect of the kingdom union, so there's no point in that, what we really need is a new type of rules that the ones on the new event on TL for example, new type of objectives like relics, map control, or stuff like that. While i do have a problem with the Kingdoms union, i'm ok with the Menhir mechanic, sure, it has cons and pros but it's no that bad since everyone can do and use the same strats etc.

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