Early cp boost: treasury worth it?

  • Was looking at the buildings and how much cp they give in kirilloid (http://travian.kirilloid.ru/build.php#mb=1&s=1.50), trying to find a way to optimise spending res for cp/actual usefulness of the building and noticed that treasury gives 7 cp for 2300 resources. That's about 329 res per cp! Pretty good considering it has few prerequisites. I've compared with some other buildings and building a level 1 treasury in each village seems to be the way to go and filling up your other buildings slots with level 3 crannies while they're being unused. It's more res efficient than a level 6 cranny and gives more total cp than a level 10 cranny (7 vs 6). Of course it provides no actual use but just wanted to get others thoughts on this?

  • I haven’t done the calculations but i run my market up as fast as possible I think is the cheapest/useful CP,

    Among other things, treasury lvl 2 and residence strait to 12 rather than stopping at 10 seems worthwhile as far as CP for the sake of CP...

    CP is the most valuable resource after all

  • anything beyond treasury lvl 1 is trash for cp. Treasury lvl 1 gives 1 cp per 329 res while lvl 2 gives 1 cp per 899 res. Residence is even worse, lvl 12 gives 1 cp per 5714 res. The common trend is the higher the level, the worse the cp/res ratio, so ideally you have low level buildings but then you don't get much cp. So the question then becomes where do you stop the upgrades? Usually at a tipping point. I personally like to up main building and marketplace to lvl 20 since they're the best highest lvl cp/res buildings in the game. Marketplace gives 1 cp per 1461 res (total 115 cp), main building gives 1 cp per 2235 res (total 77cp). From that you can see indeed marketplace is probably the best building to up for high level cp in terms of res cost.