BM Story (COM2 - Round 8)

  • Three years ago, we wrote the first Story of BM. I thought we would lose the server and I started the story with “We lost”, I was wrong. It took us 3 years to lose a server. I couldn’t be happier to have lost our first server here against all of you guys. My first thanks go to all of you, enemies of yours, to keep coming from the beginning to the end and to never give up. Its thanks to you that we will improve.

    I’ll try to sum up our server and stay as analytical as possible through it. (I apologize for missing operations albums, we got lazy on saving reports from time to time)

    After COM8 where we had been clear victors of the server since the beginning we were looking for a challenge and what’s best if not the server where usually some of the known TK premades play together? Therefore, we decided to join in on COM2.

    I/ Pre-server and first days

    Our pre-planning usually starts out a month before the server and is divided in 3 parts:

    - Plan kingdom layout (king, dukes, early game plan, …)

    - Recruit members for the server (either people who had played before with us, or people who couldn’t because of our recruitment policy, etc..)

    - Prepare guides so that early game runs as smoothly and as efficiently as possible.

    The day the server started we had our kingdom layout and all members ready to start (as mentioned before we started out with 78 unique players, but less unique accounts).

    After day 1 we had secured 45 croppers and things were running smoothly besides some usual bouncing, internal problems, etc etc... Overall, really great effort from everyone securing the first step for a solid and sustainable growth in the early game.

    Thanks to menhir’s, we had a steady development which allowed king and dukes to have their capitals done in 60/70 days.

    II/ Early game

    Our early game plan was plain and simple. Sustain economic growth while clearing nearby people within kingdom area and around WW while keeping the pace of the other kingdoms in terms of treasuries.

    Our secondary goal was also to reach 10k treasuries before day 30 of the kingdom in order to allocate to both sub kingdoms a treasury slot and therefore have a small advantage in terms of area coverage for our members who, because of cropper location, were still outside borders.

    Meanwhile around in the server other teams were growing and settling down. GGG and Shrug being direct neighbours had skirmishes, GGG focusing on them since shrugs were the winners of previous COM2. Meanwhile Orange, 3rror, DEVIL kingdom and Zion had some skirmishes as well since all their territories overlapped and they were either fighting for territory around (0|0) or fighting to connect kingdom (in case of 3rror vs DEVIL) or Orange trying to help the enemy of their enemy since they were so close to 3rror as well.

    Around day 38, we were starting to lag a bit behind in terms of treasuries because of our early game playstyle. Therefore, we started doing what we do, attack everyone all together. Orange were the closest kingdom and it was also the kingdom that threatened our beloved Renuo of being erased. So, we decided to teach them some manners.

    Easy strategy, divide and destroy, minimize damage, maximize output:

    III/ Mid game

    We kept going on Orange trying to peel as many oranges as possible while growing our economy.

    After the first few operations, things around the server changed. Jethro had started PMing everyone offering his kingdom def against BM and Shrug. Shrug had experienced first-hand the reinforcements of GGG when attacking Rainbow which cost them mainly Curtain hammer back then even though they got through.

    At the time, especially early game having help in def is very effective as capitals are very hard to go through and even small amount of def are very useful.

    After some operations on Orange we were a bit bored of not having any reactions from them and we moved on our next target, 3rror. Zion had gone on them a week before and 3rror was weakened, therefore we had the feeling of possibly going big right away without many losses. We misjudged the situations, underestimating the possibility of GGG reinforcing them and we paid for it. We crashed several hammers and we went home with not a lot. That was a wakeup call to go harder and better on them, which is what we did shortly after and that time it went as planned. We didn’t limit ourselves to attack 1 kingdom, but several at the same time. We started faking several treasuries in other kingdoms to stop possible reinforcements and make people fear we would actually go sharp on actual treasuries. While attacking points of interest in different kingdoms.

    Generally, our missions have some underlying goals:

    i) Keep high spirits and motivation in off players

    ii) Dominate the enemies

    iii) Always have a competitive edge on everyone else

    (if you some everything, it’s our recipe to have fun)

    Now that we had gone already on some kingdoms of the server, the server started slowly but surely reply back to our attacks. It was in the air that something would have happened, and as predicted attacks came in shortly after. We didn’t expect as many players incoming on our innocent homes and families at first. If I remember correctly, the first attack had 45/50 players from GGG, Phoenix, 3rror, Orange involved in the mission. No matter how one can be ready, with that number of players attacking you can only limit damages and survive until the day after.

    Thankfully they were even more scared than us and did barely any relevant damage.

    This being said, they came in multiple times, over and over, damaging us, but in counterpart they took lots of damages as well. We started deffing better and preparing better every time we were attacked. Thanks to a few good guesses and some hard work after a few weeks we deffed 1 million enemy troops and enemies stopped attacking. One of the things that made a huge difference was the scouting we planned against Unknown. We knew his TS lvl and therefore is travel time, we guessed his possible targets and sent scouting’s 5 s before his send time and 5 s after. This meant that in case the hero experience increased by only 1 instead of 2, that was the real target. Thanks to that we successfully walled 3 of the biggest hammers of 3rrors which helped us quite a bit afterwards.

  • During all these attacks we started lacking a bit in the off department, not enough time and since everyone had stuff going on in their lives we lacked a bit on that side. In order to not take any further delay, we had to take big risks. There were two big opportunities near us:

    WARCHILD 5k treasury

    Apa 15k treasury

    The first ghost mission consisted in:

    1. Scout in the middle of the night

    2. Assess situation and attack with all ghosters

    Once scouting came in, we rushed with heroes and boots and we were able to retrieve 5k treasuries. But that was the easy mission.

    The second mission on Apa was the hardest one. We knew Apa had 7k scouts, making it impossible to scout and have info on the def inside. The only certitude we had was that it was a 6c city with 15k treasuries, which meant he could have had 20k troops inside without negative.

    We made a call and decided to go through with it.

    Once again, we planned to attack in the middle of the night, with a rammer to lower as much as possible wall (the rammer was 1h20min away from target) and all our ghosters behind. It was a pure gamble, 100%. But it worked out perfectly.

    You can see here results of the operation:

    Now we had pulled ahead quite a bit against everyone else. Shrug were following us quite steadily by either going on Rainbow or getting 10k treasuries from beloved dragon kingdom who had lost their fight against Phoenix and gave away their treasuries to Jallu.

    IV/ Late game

    The server had gone a bit quiet then, we kept attacking our neighbor kingdoms, GOAT, Orange and 3rror retrieving left and right treasuries and removing potential threats. I will admit that we went particularly ham on GOAT who kept their heads high and fought alone without asking any help. Kudos for that.

    We had planned to go after Shrug from day90 onward but due to server attacking us, and other reasons we couldn’t. Which is why we prepared to go after them when WW would be released.

    Our goal for shrug at day 111 was to do two things: slow their WW, reduce their capacity to produce troops and sustain troops. Going over Shrug kingdom while planning was to say the least impressive to see the size of the kingdom, and the quantity of targets :D

    The result of the attack is here: (125 reports, 220 crop fields (ranging from 17 to 12) and 30 buildings 0ed or almost)

    V/ WW Phase

    After our attacks and the damage we received on our WW from Strategic, the WW run started. Everyone simmed the WW well while we were increasing our treasuries gap day after day. GGG and Shrug were right behind us, the former took out 30k treasuries from Zion and the latter all or almost all treasuries from beloved Rainbow before their merger with GOAT.

    That was the clue moment, we were pulling ahead quite a bit in terms of VPs from GGG and Shrug. Which is why they came in all together to take us down.

    All kingdoms on the server attacked us in 12 hrs time. The plan was obvious, go for what gave us a real edge on the rest of the server, our WW growth, and our treasuries. We decided to do follow the KISS strategy. Keep It Simple Stupid.

    Fill treasuries with 350k def and WW with the rest. And so, we did it. We blocked everything at the expenses of our Mainbuilding.

    This happened a few weeks later again, same approach, but bigger hammers coming after us.

    There is no hiding it, it was the smartest move Shrug could have done seen their position, not the best execution, but for sure, regardless the execution, seen the size of the attacks, it was effective. And it slowed us in a significant way.

    Before and after each operation we went from being first in terms of internal rankings to 2nd or 3rd and then take back our 1st position after a week time. Until the second big wave came in from which we didn’t recover our 1st position since there was not enough time for it.

    The server went full on us, the dedication they showed to make us lose was impressive and the hammers they throw at us were great.

    You can find below all hammers that went on each duke, king and WW:

    - Claudius:

    - Gaius:

    - Mint:

    - Pob:

    - Roland:

    - WW:

  • At the end of the server we had every chance to win it, it depended solely on betting what the enemy would have done, our best chance would have been for Shrug to go on GGG and GGG go on Shrug. Unfortunately, they felt like the biggest threat would be us regardless of the decision of the other main competitor which took us out once and for all regardless of what we would have done. Phoenix were ready to stop WW in case we were winning. We broke all possible records, but it wasn’t enough this time. The enemies were greater than us. Our last mission had as an objective to bring us to 4th position while, lowering enough GGG and Shrug. Our smaller offs would have removed the main sources of def of both kingdoms while killing the treasury capacity and therefore their VP production capacity in case the server didn’t ended to give us an additional edge on them.

    I take a lot of pride in the fact that we never deactivated our treasury until the last second. Well played to GGG to go through one of our treasuries, the first and only of the server. It took 3 WW hammers to go on a treasury to go past the treasury, we were impressed by the offs thrown at us at the end. Well played.

    First let me thanks all enemies we had this round, we go hard but I hope we entertained you with some good play. I’m sorry if our behavior is taken too seriously, we might have crossed some lines sometimes but it’s all in good faith (most of time at least). Thanks to every enemy we had conversation with, you throw at us some great hammers and we happened to see some great anvils too (55k druids of Jethro the last day of the server), thanks to Khantorix and GGG to throw us his hammer every now and then and impressive WWK 4 hrs before the end, thanks to Orange, 3rror to make the game fun, thanks to GOAT to fill us with treasuries, jk thanks for the fair fight, some of you showed us a great potential, Cerberore def was impressive! Thanks to Shrug that kept their title on the line until the end making some of the most impressive hammers too! I guess I’ll thank Phoenix too for participating to this server almost actively, maybe next time more stuff will happen on your side as well hopefully!

    Now I would like to thank every member of BM, every single person made it possible for us to be compete at the highest level from the first day to the last day and be the biggest threat of all. I would like to thank the leadership group for all the work, and in particular, Pob for being the BM Queen we needed all along. Always there, always reliable and always ready to fight the enemy.

    Thanks to the off squad: Snowflake, Lylai, Renuo, Origin, Lethalste, Aracc, TheJoke, HarlequinCrest, Bobz, Boff, Nasdaq, Dmac@Arsi, Apollo, Gabrams, Dizzywingzi, HaveFun, BrutusForce, joladouille, Tomweb, Mossfish, Glorfindel, Jager, Taz, Samael, Oceane, Cumba, Dec and RaisingUp.

    Thanks to the def squad: Twonell, Roland, Gaius, Mint, Claudius, Pob, Harbinger, Qaz, Tothesky, Ayutthaya, Natravnen, Clown, Laranjas, TheBuster, Saddou, fooby, NSN, DMT, Kakmonstret, jillybean, RIBBON, Andora, Dacul Lenes, Sub2Pewdiepie, Watou, Soulcay, tavusbird, Avlac, Arievilo, Mogens, Asator, Daanar, knockin_nurses, Red, CHA, Quadrilla, Kira, DCC.

    Last but not least, my duals, Pob and Nemesid for the incredible work they both put in the account that broke every def record. Insane combo, insane work to achieve the impossible.

    Thanks for all the sleepless nights, and the common effort, most of the fun was because we were all together in this and the experience wouldn’t have been the same without every one of you.

    I will finish by saying one thing, keep training troops because we will come back, and we will need more and more troops from everyone!

    Go BM!

  • How come there is no coment on this amazing post? Well here it goes xD

    Lovely, thank you guys for once more posting a BM server history.

    I saw some awsome and inspiring ops as usual (BM) and some not so good ops (... xD)

    Have I missed BM WW hammers album tho?

    PS. If they ever merge somehow Slow/speed servers. I believe The Wall would absolutely love to be with you guys on the batlefield.