King/Vice king

  • I played three games and had to quit the games because the vice King quittime the kingdom was turned into complete chaos. It happened to the game I am playing now. There should be a way to re-assign a King or vice king and keep all the treasures and victor points. (Bad Game)?(

  • It's really sad that this is possible. When you guys started to create Kingdoms, didn't you have in your mind, that exactly this scenario could happen?

    There are so many different ways to prevent exactly a problem like this.

    I think everyone knows, that you can't always rely on people.. even if you are playing with them for 5 years. You never know what can happen...

  • maybe it could be added into Travian T&C that you accept all GDPR terms for the duration of the server before you're allowed the option to become King & players should be prevented from deleting when they have done so.

    also it should be made clear how big of a role it is and players should have a certain amount of experience before being appointted the crown, it's way too easy to choose the option at the moment, without any consideration for the Govs game that will be wrecked because they spawned, got invited to join or chose to play with an unstable king

  • Having had some experience with GDPR and its detailed implementation, the right to delete does not have to be done immediately. There is a good argument to say that all accounts will be purged from the system in 180 days to allow the business process (the game) to complete, the anonymisation and lockout of an account could be done immediately and then auto-assign the kingdom to the strongest player in the kingdom who can either resign or hand it over to another.

    Just a thought