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  • Team and enemies,

    Thank you all for a fun server! We settled and ran a small team with one goal: to take down The Wall/Kamikaze effort to establish a meta, they were aggressive on recruitment so we decided to %¤ck it up for them early game. By week 3 their leadership gave up and abandoned their peeps, fleeing to other servers or taking a break. They managed approx 120 members before our efforts bore fruit.

    It just goes to show, these big kingdoms, The Wall, AK, or whoever, recruiting govs in big numbers - if left alone to sim, like they prefer, make big contenders in the end. If challenged early game, they crumble faster than dry notepaper on fire. Their leaders dont give a shit about governors under attack or us killing hammers every day like it was breakfast, they dont give a shit unless they can sit safe and dry and collect their muh tributes.

    We were just 20 active players so we didnt manage to take on AK properly but we had a great chance at winning the whole server, to our surprise.

    Our last plan worked perfectly (get AK main ww below secret and chief the other). Until a noob ass traitor in Wardogs sank secret ww last day so that AK got their 5% extra.

    We had so much fun this server - and we did our best to make endgame also exciting.

    Thank you all for a great fight - looking forward to more to come :D

    //Nasdaq team

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