WW vacation mode

  • Why vacation mode sucks, as an example here, playing at 1x3 server atm,.. so in order to take 1st place and win a game, you need to attack other kingdom(in this case anatolia) to gain treasures and VPs, but why even try to win and attack them,.. when 4 Anatolia dukes can just take Vacations mode for 500 days,.. and easily win the game,..

    So my suggestion is to turn off vacation mode when WW time starts,.. since its stupid that this can be activated when its shouldnt be alowed

  • This is obviously a broken game mechanic. If a kingdom is in the lead during World Wonder stage and they have all the Dukes/King go into vacation mode. That leaves only one way to deny the win from them...attack their World Wonder. Meaning their kingdom only has one target to defend making their lives much easier. This needs to be patch out of the game.

  • Fully agree. Shame support doesnt do anything about this. If you go on vacation mode this should be done for all your avatars at all servers. For instance Lekker was on vacation mode on com1x3 but plays on com2x3.

    Then you know it is misused dor sure. If this doesnt get change the game will lose me for sure.

  • Hello guys :)
    As a player myself I understand your unpleasant feelings about others going into vacation during late game and will forward your feedback to the designers for consideration for the future.

    Please note however that at the moment it is not against the game rules or feature restrictions to go on vacation after the WWs have been spawned, therefore we're unable to do anything about it for this game round.

    Kind regards