Fix the mobile app

  • It's overall a pain to use the app beacuse the performance isn't good at all. Constantly have to restart it because it freeze.

    And there is some things that need to be fixed. You can't for example queue building that you don't have resources for? And reports don't show you important information like who defended when you attacked? You can't click on reports that where linked in the chat. You can't watch other players profiles and what villaged they have. You can't check other kingdoms either.

  • Hi there King

    our mobile team is constantly working on improving the mobile app and we're sorry for the inconvenience that some features are not yet available in it. If you're experiencing issues with existing functions which are not working properly, please send us a ticket via the Help Center including details about the issue, your device and OS and app versions. We'll then forward it to our mobile team for further investigation.

    Best regards