COM2 Round 9 Politics/Rumours/Gossip

  • 1) You Have personally no problem with the translation, but there are issues with the forum presence of players from RU segment.

    2) You no one was rude to here.

    3) RU segment will never comply with discriminatory rules, no matter who introduced them.

    4) We're writing to with the server to communicate, rather than with themselves on RU channel. Don't like??? Leave the international forum ))):):)

    There are absolutely no issues with presence of RU players on the forum, everyone is more than welcomed. The forum is here to talk between everyone playing on the forum, exchanging trashtalk, banter, politics, rumours, etc.. but to talk to each other we need to understand each other, which is why on the international forum it has been decided that the common language would be English. But don't misunderstand me, I'm not native in english and I doubt most player are, they all come from different nations and talk different languages but everyone is making an effort to talk the same language so that everyone understand the other.

    So if everyone is making this effort to speak the common language to understand and talk to each other, why would you be any different than the rest?

    There are no discriminatory rules, its common sense to have the same language so that no one feels excluded in discussions and can enjoy the game.

  • Nice to see that people enjoyed my map:) Btw whats the deal with Empire in the North and -Empire- in the middle of the map? Its the same or different kingdoms? In my map i put them as separated. Btw if anyone want to share any infos gossip etc i would love to make a nice photoshop presentation for it. PM me!

  • Tbh, я думаю, что google translate Пиндосия#Ru с русского на английский язык лучше, чем он пытается писать на английском языке.

    В любом случае удачи всем. Я ожидаю, что это будет жесткий сервер со всеми натарами, которые будут обмануты законно..

    So this is Google translit. Write in Russian, Google translate, paste in the forum

    Так это и есть гугл транслит. Пишу на русском, гугл переводит, вставляю в форум

    Влад III Цепеш :)

  • Wonder if the "Empires" are going to fight for their name :P

    It’s possible :) Everything is possible :) Even war with BM.. ;)

  • The Great Wall is your account too? Ohh now I know. Its your daughters account. :D

    Wow. You really have me on your mind! :S

    I believe your sarcasm is nervous. Your team won the last server, but now you are not even sure if GGG have a Wonder of the world or not?..

    You'd better to be friends with us, honey.

    P.S. The Great Wall


    Drunk Captain \ The Great Wall


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  • Hello all! I dont have the time to play the game(at least for now) but i can be the reporter from time to time and give some infos about this great server!

    Server: Com2

    Day of the server:20

    thx for this usefull map !

    Ceci n'est qu'un jeu, alors on se tape dessus mais de manière détendue ! :)

  • Я знаю, что это трудно, но вы действительно должны потратить время, чтобы выучить 2-й язык, как и вся остальная планета.

    Learn russian.)) Nobody owes anybody anything. Western countries are not the whole planet, and she does not know English. Don't flatter yourself :)

    Влад III Цепеш :)

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  • I had the same dream <Accord > , the difference is I see the potential growth out of it, while you only see mean satisfaction. Then again that's what makes the difference between people moving forward and the ones staying in their holes.

    EDIT: About the russian and english language debate, you don't owe anyone anything, and the discussion is not about western countries. The common language that has been decided here is english, so whether you agree with it or not that's how it is, so instead of considering yourself better than any other country on earth, learn humility and start making efforts like everyone else here.

  • It's not about which country or countries are the center of the universe. It's about creating an international forum section that is universally understandable by all or most people. English just happens to be the most natural choice here, because the vast majority of people do speak english either natively or as 2nd language. If someone doesn't speak english - which is fine and absolutely no offense towards them - one can still be part of the community and the international threads by adding a google translated version of the text. For bonus points one can simplify the text before putting it through google, to improve the quality of the translation. The english won't be perfect, but definitely good enough to be understood by everyone. Imagine if you open an international thread and see posts from 15 people in 15 different languages.

    As a mostly-lurker (in server related threads) posts in other languages than english really disturb the reading flow and in 99% of the times I just decide "eh screw it, skip that post". If that is the intention, why even post in the international forum?

  • I just did a quick count and we have 15-20 Nationalities just in BM, imagine if we all started trolling in our native tongue .... would start to get real messy very fast (but we can if ya like) :P

    it's going to be really boring trashtalk this time if every other reply is written in foreign & deleted :(

    please lets keep it lively and as understandable as poss for all :)