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    Android Changelog #1.2-22 and iOS Version #1.6-0

    NOTE: The new push notifications will only be enabled on the test round for now. In September, we will connect all live worlds gradually. We will inform you here in the forum as soon as we have more details.

    A new version of our app is available. Update it now to get even more push notifications.

    More push notifications

    Settings menu: With all the new push notifications that are part of this release, we have also packed in a settings menu for you. You can now choose which game rounds you want to receive push notifications for. Plus, you can set your individual preferences in each category.

    Categories: The new push notifications cover the following categories.

    1. Battles

    2. Messages

    3. Map

    4. Invitations

    5. Resources

    6. Timer

    For more details about all the push notifications, check out our Knowledge Base.

    What's more, we've updated the login screen image to match it with the browser start page.

    More improvements for Android

    Overlay permission disabling: When downloading the Android app, you were asked to grant us an overlay permission. Since we don't need this permission, we've removed this request. For those of you who have already granted us this permission: If you want to, you can disable it. But there's no rush. We've burned all the bridges behind us and won't ever use this permission in any case.

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