Worse Than Losing Your 200k Hammer

  • Hey guys,

    I understand that you don't really like it when the hero doesn't find anything valuable(well who does?) but we can't expect the luck of the draw to be always on our side. Be2-e4 mentioned that he doesn't fancy finding silver either, do you share this opinion?

    Adventures are in need of an overhaul

    SacredLegend - what do you think should be reworked exactly and how do you envision a future adventures overhaul that you'd enjoy? Or is it just the rewards that you'd like to see changed?

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  • Both.......

    I wouldnt mind seeing a bit of an RPG flare to the adventures.....adventures to me...have always been a side distraction from the usual button pushing, but I'd like to see my hero be more....heroic...so to speak....perhaps more RPG text to an adventure....like "settle nearby dispute with serfs" or "something is terrorizing the local peasants, they want you to investigate the issue"......with rewards to match....like the first one might reward a few gold....the second might end up rewarding a few nature animals (you made a few friends ;))......etc.....something like that would be enjoyable.

    More adventures like that would be nice too....maybe 3-4 per day.

    Also a more customizable hero would be nice too...to match his heroic deeds!

    In terms of tier gear....yes...they certainly are in need of an upgrade....starting with the horse....completely useless outside of the mobility....perhaps tier 2 and 3 could add stats like "Increases troop movement speed by X%" or "Increase troops attack by X%"

    Ive been playing this game since its release....and you'd be surprised just how many people have no clue how to use the spy glass.

    I wouldnt mind seeing simple items that instead of having to wear them....when found apply to your acct.....like the Pennant .....its a very rare occasion and annoying to have to send your troops WITH your hero

    Thats all i can think of at the moment....but you get the general idea.

  • some thing like quest games, asking hero to complete missions alone or with army.

  • Hi again,

    thank you everyone for you feedback. I've forwarded it to the game center for consideration and will post updates here as soon as I have any :)

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