Changelog for the Roll out of v.0.93 – more mobile push notifications and bug fixes

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    Dear players,

    On Tuesday, September 10 at 2:00 pm CEST (UTC +2)

    We will roll out the newest game version to all live worlds. The downtime will last less than 30 minutes, please plan your troops’ crop consumption accordingly.

    The two game rounds COM8 and RU1 opening on the same day and time, will already start with v0.93.


    You need to update to the newest app version. Update it now to get those new push notifications.

    Changelog Android & iOS mobile apps

    For more details about all the mobile push notifications, check out our knowledge base: Knowledge base

    Now, that we have the hall of fames in the lobby, the ended game rounds will only be available for 3 days, no matter the speed factor.

    Lobby Update - Hall of Fames

    Bug fixes

    • Amount of stolen good resources: The amount of resources you receive from stolen goods depends on the resource production of the largest player of a game round. We’ve implemented a fall back solution in case this player decides to take some vacation days: the next largest player in line is taking on this responsibility.
    • Building Queue: When the vacation mode ended, already lined up level ups didn’t start automatically. This is fixed now.
    • Defense report: Kings and Dukes see the attacking troops of defense reports of all their kingdom members. We had a bug that leaked this info of foreign governors within their kingdom borders to them, too. This is fixed now.
    • Farm lists raids that would arrive during night truce or an active vacation, are disabled automatically. We fixed a bug that mixed up the tribes when calculating the arrival times of these raids.

    Which of the newest push notifications is your favorite one and why? Did you take some vacation during the summer months?

    Let us know in the comments,

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team

  • Great push notifications.

    I don't know if its OK that i write the following here but i didn't find a place to share.

    What about the IOS app. I use it a lot but a lot of features don't exist. Also lots of people i play with think about that the same way i do.

    Here a short list of features i miss:

    • The card game does not exist
    • If you get attacked or you are attacking someone you cant see the exact time the troops arrive. So its really hard to organize up with you team.
    • Shared reports in chats cant be opened or even shared.
    • You cant visit other peoples profile by visiting their village on map.
    • It would be useful to replace the slide control with a field and the keypad pop up. so you can enter the exact amount. (in marketplace, sending troops and also withdraw troops - now isnt even possible to select amount to withdraw)
    • Links to villages ecc. in the cat are often not visible.
    • would be great if you can see the production overview by taping on it, just like in browser.
    • Its not possible to see the attacks on people in the same kingdom or secret society.
    • By selling treasures you don't see that you get no crop if the village is outside the kingdom borders. The crop shows up but in the end you don't get it.

    This are only few main things that i think are very important to change. hope you agree.:thumbsup:

  • Great points noted above, especially that bit about withdrawing troops. I can't choose what I want to withdraw, there's only a button which withdraws everything from a village so I can't send just hero/horses/infantry back.

    About the push notifications, they're great. However I don't need to be notified about my own messages and I also can't see who sent a message in group chats.