Game survey

  • What do you think of the gameplay? 68

    1. 5 - perfect game / nothing to change (5) 7%
    2. 4 (18) 26%
    3. 3 (27) 40%
    4. 2 (8) 12%
    5. 1 - boring game / a lot to change (10) 15%

    Hi, I think the game has become very boring I wanted to understand what you think about it.

  • These are just my thoughts. What makes the game fun is having clearly defined enemies and friends and hence objectives. People complain about kingdom sizes being too large and there being too few competing kingdoms. Thing is travian allows anyone to join and team up with anyone else so teams grow organically most of the time and end up aggregating into bigger teams. The largest determining factor is spawn location and neighbours. This is natural as unless two warring kingdoms see each other as equal or better than their neighbour then they won't want to fight but instead more likely get incorporated into the larger kingdom. People like to see growth and so it just makes sense most of the time to combine with your neighbour as you can see yourselves becoming bigger and stronger than what you were before instead of suffering losses on both sides and as a result risk becoming weaker than what you were before. Given the choice, normally people will choose growth over risk of destruction.

    I think it's very rare that a kingdom gets outright destroyed by another kingdom as it either deletes first and wants to start fresh on a new server or the remaining players just join another kingdom. It's just our natural instinct to survive and prosper in any way we can given the choices we have. What starts off as numerous small kingdoms by late game becomes the big few which have all the chance of winning. It's hard to look for a solution to modify this though without taking away that organic growth aspect. One way to get around this is to have predefined teams and spawn locations for each one to give the highest chance of equal footing to all teams starting out. Like gladiators in an arena. Only prevent them from teaming up with each other so you don't get the same result but again this takes away the idea of organic growth and much of the politics of travian (confeds, betrayals, spies, etc.). You also have to account for players joining the server whenever. The most fun is competitive fun where all sides believe they were given an equal chance of winning and weren't compromised at the start, from then on it's all their choice and responsibility to ensure their own victory. I would really like to think of a proper solution for this as I believe it would make travian more enjoyable but I just can't.

  • Travian is a war game, but now the war is just a small side to the game. It is really boring to spend months just to see the kingdom grow without doing anything else. Many top players have given up for this.

  • Hey guys,

    we are always happy to hear your feedback and are open for discussion but just saying 'the game is boring' or 'nothing will change' without providing concrete suggestions doesn't really help anyone understand better what you'd like to see changed/ implemented. And I'm sure you'll agree it's not possible to change anything this way.

    It would be great if you can share your thoughts along with suggestions(thank you Doubledealer#COM) so that I can forward them to the game designers for consideration. What would you like to see changed? Which part of the game/mechanics can be improved and how? :)

    Thank you in advance!

    Best regards


  • --> 2017 - F5 and Neverending Story

    --> 2017 - Marketplace - Warehouse Info

    Hello Georgi,

    I would start with suggestions that people make, some of them are worth looking into. And again, there was an upgrade in lobby, but the embassy + oasis problem is still there. Wiki isn't usable and F5 is used more and more (even thought its not because of disconnects).

    The most fun parts in this game are beginning and end. Mid game is boring. Try to sit down with your team and think of 10-20 things and then put those on the forums (ideally to the game as well). Why should players be the ones to create and develop the game when its your job, your inspiration, your creation, that should be entertaining us. Since when are games made by its players?



    Time is a Flat Circle

    Everything we have ever done or will do, we are going to do over and over and over again.

    If you want to complain about Travian Games for whatever reason, use this link:

    Online-Beschwerde einreichen

    This is the official form for the local country where Travian Games is based.

  • I have been making suggestions on how to improve this game for years.....but always seems to fall on deaf ears, but i will mention a few to see where it leads.....


    - Kingdom quests. We have personal quests that grant us rewards for completing certain tasks and achieving goals...why not kingdom oriented quests/goals that rewards perhaps +x% increase in kingdom resource income or +x% increase in troop attack or defense. Kingdom quests like "Build X amount of total troops"....or have X amount of total income for the kingdom. Kingdom quests keep players invested in the kingdom AND the everyone goals to reach

    - Active Natars and/or Robbers....especially robbers, can form independent kingdoms.....launch retaliatory attacks....grow their villages.

    - Mercenary building....can recruit "mercenary" troops....which just consist of different troops from the available pool. Only a few different troops available per day, and only a certain amount can be bought per day.

    Changes to the game:

    - Oasis revamp.......putting troops into oasis for better production AND better influence is a complete waste of those troops....and just leads to pissing contests for better oasis %

    - Fixing Kingdoms Union and Menhir's.....way too many exploits, bugs, loopholes, abuses involved with them. Being allowed to delete as King or Vice King with active treasury AND treasures is just completely atrocious

    These are just a few things i have suggested over the years....

  • galadriel has reported all the suggestions of the Italian community and no one has ever been taken into consideration.

    That is a false! It doesn't matter in which language feedback is provided, we are discussing it on a regular basis.

    Like Georgi already mentioned, we can only discuss within the team what we get: feedback suggestion and preferably a reason for why it would benefit the game play.

    --> 2017 - F5 and Neverending Story

    --> 2017 - Marketplace - Warehouse Info

    Thank you for sharing the links to your suggestions. These kind of suggestions are best practices: You explain what you want and why. Plus, you also put in screenshots. <3

    We have transferred these wishes to our internal ideas backlog already. I am sorry that we haven't given a status quo feedback on them on time. That is our bad and I apologize for this. Be assured that we are aware of these wishes, though.

    kind regards,


  • I'm sorry Smilzo, but i think the structure of this Topic is absolutely ridiculus.

    If i think Travian Kingdoms need changes, i talk, i discuss, i argument, i don't like an anonymous survey who the most people don't explain their idea, like the ridiculous survey done in Travian Legends.

    I think Smilzo open this Topic after a discussion in Italian Forum, in that discussion the Italian Community Manager put a question "you think is really necessary a radically change in Travian Kingdoms ?.", after that i put a different question "Why Travian Kingdoms don't need radically changes ?"

    We see a decay of Italian Community Forum, we see a decay of Italian Servers, boring Servers where players don't attack, big Kingdoms only do Diplomacy and zero wars, a lot of players who for months stay afk raid inactive accounts, etc etc etc.

    Why in this situation Travian Kingdoms don't need radically changes ?, why ?.

    The last Server i have played is a Com, not a national Server, i started it with big enthusiasm, finnaly a big Server with a lot of Players and with nationals friends, finnaly i can see big Wars, great activity, great competition and a lot of enemy, but the only thing i saw is the same shit of National Servers, Diplomacy, Diplomacy, Diplomacy and a lot of players who stay afk for months, months and months for Farm and Raid Inactive Accounts, after that, i quit Travian Kingdoms because i lost my trust in Travian Kingdoms, and in general in Travian (I Start play Travian Legends in 2008, Travian Kingdoms in 2016).

    Why in this situation Travian Kingdoms don't need radically changes ?, why ?.

    I remember when some year ago i discuss in Italian Forum with old Administrator "JJ", in my Topic called "The priority of Travian Games", i remember very well two thing.


    He said a big update is incoming, but after... 17 months ?, i dont see nothing.

    Second (And the most important):

    I discuss with him about the Farming System concentrated to attack inactive players, i say i don't like this system, i think is an absolutely obsolete dangerous mechanic, need to change or rework.

    He replied saying too the Game Designer is not a fan of this system, but.. a lot of player like this system, so nothing change.

    That is a false!

    With that, you say Smilzo is a liar, if an Administrator can do that, i can say... the Game Designer is a.... come si dice fifone in inglese ?, sorry but i don't know the Eng term, help me Smilzo.

    If 2.000 Players for Com Servers and 200 Player for National Servers is your ambition, you don't have ambition.

    I think Travian Kingdoms can do absolutley better, but i think Travian Kingdoms need radical changes to the game mechanics, can the Game Designer do that... or his competence is only to introduce for months, months and months new Achievements and Hair style ?.

    In conclusion, i think Travian (In general) never change, Travian with this structure has reached its maximum potential, new tribes, Menhir, Achievements, Hairstyle, fish animation, graphic user profile rework, lobby rework, alliance graphic rework ... don't change the structure of this game.

    In the survey i vote "boring game / a lot to change".

    Good luck.

  • In three years that I play in the kingdoms the number of players on the servers has been reduced by more than 50% and the only changes made to the game are only aesthetic and have not changed the gameplay at all.

    So I wonder: why do the players stop playing if the game is so beautiful?

    BridgetB answer this question.

  • With that, you say Smilzo is a liar, if an Administrator can do that, i can say...

    :D haha, nice try. That is twisting words of others with the purpose of justifying your own rudeness.

    As galadriel stated several times in the Italian forum: Every game wish and idea that you post in the local forum is explained to the whole team and we are discussing them within the team. Assuming that we don't do this, is false.

    About your discussion with JJ: I also remember that. It was before the menhir era started and before we got all those mobile push notifications. With the menhirs, it's finally possible to play with your friends and it's easier to switch to more active kingdoms. That was a player wish coming from several domains.

    About small game rounds with less players: We consider all our domains, the ones with bigger game rounds and the ones with smaller ones. At the beginning of this year, we even merged a lot of small domains to com and announced this in all domains, even the ones that weren't affect like Italy Domini confluiti nel COM

    Kingdoms game rounds are not as big as Legends game rounds. Even though, the Birthday Bash worlds were full in all domains. Also the still ongoing com1n round is active.

    If i think Travian Kingdoms need changes, i talk, i discuss, i argument,

    Yes, thank you for listing this here: It is important that we understand the reason behind wishes about game play chances. There are so many different play styles between players and between speed rounds, night truce and standard rounds. And then, there are differences if you play on an international world or a local world. It's more work that it seems on first glance. What would benefit some, wouldn't be good for others. The most obvious example would be OFF and DEF players.

    But you've heard this before from galadriel in the Italian forum section. I stop repeating myself now.

    kind regards,


  • The menhir era and push notifications were the big update to revive the game ??? 😂😂

    Come on, we're not stupid ...

    - after the menhir era the game is always boring and the players continue to decline

    - after push notifications the app is rated 2.2 ( very bad ) on play store

    Don't change the subject, answer my question.

    why do the players stop playing if the game is so beautiful?

  • Probably i'm rudeness, probably...

    But is a true fact the Travian Kingdoms Team have ZERO respect to the minority of Travian Player.

    Don't care if an idea is good or a bad idea, if the majority of players don't want to talk about this idea, we don't talk, i don't like the Inactive Farm mechanics ? too the Game Designer don't like ? don't care, the Majority of users decide, this is a dictature of majority, zero discussion.

    Why we need a formed person with a curriculum and paid for do his job (Game Designer) if his idea worth less than users idea ?.

    So.. the Menhir is the big update ?.

    Before the Menhir era we see big Alliance prefer Diplomacy to War.

    After the Menhir era we continue see big Alliance prefer Diplomacy to war.

    Before the Menhir era we see a lot of player stay afk for Farm for months, months and months.

    After the Menhir era we continue see a lot of player stay afk for Farm for months, months and months.

    Before the Menhir era we see a lot of player stay afk for Raiding inactive accounts for months, months and months.

    After the Menhir era we continue se a lot of player stay afk for Raiding inactive accounts for months, months and months.

    Before the Menhir era we see a decay of National Servers.

    After the Menhir era we continue see a decay of National Servers

    Before the Menhir era we see a disgusting activity in National Server.

    After the Menhir era we continue see a disgusting activity in National Server.


    The Menhir is a good update for the Game, but is not a Big change of the game, is not a big progress.

    You Link to me this Topic Domini confluiti nel COM and i read THIS Topic, i stop reading after THIS comment, i have a BIG respect to Ammanurt

    I repeat BridgetB

    If 2.000 Players for Com Servers and 200 Player for National Servers is your ambition, you don't have ambition.

    I think Travian Kingdoms can do absolutley better.

  • People age. Things change over the years. The question 'Why does player count decline if the game is perfect the way it is?' can be simply answered by the fact that players change over the years. You expect everyone to play travian indefinitely? It's much more reasonable to assume they're going to stop at some point. Just because player numbers are declining doesn't mean the game is inherently bad. It could just be that current players slowly stop playing while new players aren't coming in, and all you're left with are the veterans, until that slowly goes down to just the hardcore veterans.

    Just look at dota 2 for example. Its player numbers have stagnated since 2014, and arguably decreased, going from ~14 million players in 2014 to 10 million players in 2019. But is it a dead game? Hell no, it's got the largest prize pool in all of esports and has broken that record for 9 consecutive years, despite its stagnating player base. I bet it will stop at some point as it's just not sustainable for it to keep increasing every year without the total playerbase also increasing, but the point still stands. You saying that player numbers are declining because the game is not beautiful is a very 1 dimensional view. You think that's the only factor? Let's assume you are right and travian becomes this beautiful game that you imagine it to be. Do you really think the player numbers will suddenly increase? In the short term maybe, because updates and new features always draw more people in (happens with any game), but in the long term things will level out the same.

    And LoCrus Was Legends that different? Did people not farm inactives, prefer diplomacy over war, etc?

  • See thats the thing......if a game continues to grow/evolve, player decline wouldnt be so huge and actually attract new players......conversely I do agree that no matter how many improvements you make to the game players do eventually tire of the game.

    I do tend to bad mouth the developers, but i guess the reality of it is.....browser games have a short life span.....why would i want to sit in front of a PC when i can sit back and relax and play on my mobile.....problem is mobile app is a far cry from playing this on browser....its terrible, but if there is limited developer time and money to invest into this game......fully upgrading/converting this game to mobile is the way to go....and perhaps one day once that is complete they can add new features to the game.....til then i hope the player base survives.

  • Do you compare a game of 10 million users with one of 10 thousand users (maybe)? 😂

    Well then let's take as an example fortnite, every 20 days it is updated, the basic gameplay remains the same but all the outline changes constantly. The ideas are made by the developers (not asked to the users as here) and are implemented regardless of whether they like it or not to the comunity. Because it is the developers who manage the game and not the users.

    Perhaps the current 10 thousand players like the game, but it is likely that 100 thousand new users will like the game differently, so why not try to change?