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  • Why can't I compare the two? It still stands they've decreased. Just dota by the millions while travian in the thousands. Epic brings out so many changes because they've got the players and hence the funds to do so, and they've got a fair margin to do what they please. The level of marketing/advertisement required to get 100k new players is something beyond my comprehension atm. What change are you suggesting that can increase playerbase by 10 fold?

  • Perché non posso confrontare i due? Sta ancora diminuendo. Dota solo a milioni mentre travia a migliaia. Epic mette in evidenza così tanti cambiamenti perché hanno i giocatori e quindi i fondi per farlo, e hanno un giusto margine per fare ciò che vogliono. Il livello di marketing / pubblicità richiesto per ottenere 100.000 nuovi giocatori è qualcosa che va oltre la mia comprensione. Quale cambiamento stai suggerendo che può aumentare la base del giocatore di 10 volte?

    Because 10 million will not stop playing all together 10 thousand would put, 4 domains have already been closed and others will soon end up the same (Italy is on the right track).

    I don't know what can attract new players and I don't have brilliant ideas to propose, I don't work as a developer otherwise I would have created my game.

    What I know is that everyone complains about a boring gameplay and the players continue to decline ...

  • Dota is not the first Moba, i have played different Moba before Dota.

    And before Moba i have played some Maps with similar mechanics of the Moba, Creep Wave, Xp and Gold gained when you Kill creeps, Gold to spend for buiyng items, exp for increase spells, a base to defend etc.

    When Dota has reached his boom in Wc3 the majority of users left old Games/Maps for play Dota, and why old Games/Maps similar to Moba are death ? why old Moba are death ? because Dota had drastically changed the game machanics, had completely change the style of game, Dota was innovation.

    Why Dota is still alive with a big player base after...16 years ? because the Development Team continuying change and evolve the game, during the years they drastically change the Game, Items, Heroes, Map, Hero Talents, Shrine, Jungle, Creep Gold and Exp in Last Hit and deny etc etc etc.

    I remember the first Dota, a very unbalanced game, but with an insane potential, someone with a big ambition worked hard for change the game.

    Travian has never, NEVER, NEVER AND NEVER, change his mechanical Game Base, NEVER.

    They add Farm List, they change the graphic, they rework the Hero system, they create new version of Travian like Travian Kingdoms, etc etc etc, but they never change the game base, never, same problem in Travian Kingdoms, they add for years new Achievements and Hair style for hero, they rework the Lobby, Player Profile, Kingdoms profile, fishing animation etc, but they never touch the game base.

  • Because 10 million will not stop playing all together 10 thousand would put.

    What? What makes you think that's true? Just because the number is smaller? It's all about proportion. Getting the entire playerbase to stop playing is still an incredible feat. It might be somewhat easier to get 10 thousand rather than 10m to stop altogether, but still difficult nonetheless. You'll always have a few staying.

    4 domains have already been closed and others will soon end up the same (Italy is on the right track).

    That's not altogether, that's just as slow a decline as anything else was. What makes that considered fast?

    What I know is that everyone complains about a boring gameplay and the players continue to decline ...

    I see what you mean but be careful when you use the word 'everyone', you're representing me too? Not everyone sees the forums or posts their views. You've only seen those that actively voice their opinion and wish for change, the vocal minority, not the silent majority.

    Dota is not the first Moba, i have played different Moba before Dota.

    ? I never said it was the first. Although I would like you to tell me more about them c: , aeon of strife is what you're perhaps referring to?

    Yes, dota is still alive after all these years because of icefrog maintaining the game (spearheaded solo as far as I know) for years up until 2009 when Valve contacted him and offered him to be under their development team as they wanted to make dota its own game (not a wc3 mod). At that point it got massively revamped and gave much exposure to the game.

    The thing is, you're wrong about them having changed the base game, they never changed the core gameplay of dota, ever. It was always changing/adding/modifying things around it. Dota was always 3 lanes, creeps, heroes, items, and of course, ancients. Give me one instance or patch where dota was not this game. Sure a lot of tweaks and additions have been done around it, but it never moved away from this core gameplay and is what makes 2005 dota the same as 2019 dota. If they removed items or changed the objective from ancients to something else then that could be considered as a dramatic move away from their original gameplay. Your comparison between dota's devs constantly dramatically shifting the core gameplay and travian's devs not doing that, is not true. They both never changed the core gameplay.

  • Doubledealer#COM

    - In three years the number has fallen by 50% and continues to fall, perhaps in another 3 years there will be no one left, it is a concrete probability ...

    - 50% in 3 years out of 4 from birth is not slow decline...

    - I read the chat of the servers or the discord channels and many complain about a boring gameplay, in the forum there is no comunity I don't consider it at all ...

  • The most important point in my last post is the impact dota has had in Wc3 era, with debut of Dota 1 in Wc3 all others Moba and Similar had become completely obsolete, because who have created and edited Dota had better ambition and innovative idea, the majority of players left old Moba and Similar to join Dota, and trust me when i say Dota has drastically (Dota is not only 3lanes, Hero and items) change the game during the years, to explain better this concept i need to write for hours and hours, but this is not the place and the context, i don't want fall in off topic.

    An example is Clash Of Clans, the difference of Travian and CoC are irrelevant in this my post, CoC is an App, Travian a Browser Game etc etc, i don't care here, but i think CoC made obsolete a lot of game mechanics of Travian.

    Look the farming system of CoC, is irrilevant if the player who you attack is inactive or active, in every single attack there is strategy and gratitude, the most of top raider in travian attack more inactive accounts, there is no strategy or gratitude in that, is a boring system, deleterious system, i see a lot of people play a random game like League Of Legends and some times press Alt+Tab for send the Farm List, this is not playing Travian.

    I don't want transform TK in CoC, but i think some game mechanics of CoC can be interesting for Travian.

    During the years of travian i see a lot of new players who spend a lot of time and resource for building Cranny, i think we need to consider a rework of resource protection, an automatic resource protection OR (For example) put in the Warehouse the Cranny concept, every level of Warehouse automatically protect X X X X resource.

    I'm veteran player, rarely someone attack me, so i never build cranny, but i can't just think about only my interests, is important for me think and care for new players, for new generation of players, or Travian has no future if we think only for veterans players, we need to talk about this game mechanics.

    Considering and talk about the possibility to put a Bonus automatic raid resource similar to CoC when you attack an active player, and add a +X% based on population difference from attacker and defender.

    I see a very lot of players quit the game after loss all troops, or have fear to send attacks or reinforcements, considering and talk about the possibility to put to the Hero a new ability who automatically regen X% of troops lost.

    We Veterans forgot what it means be a new player, Veterans like me, who started the game in 2008 or before, have some difficult to know the needs of new generation of gamers.

    I see a lot, very very lot of new playes who have fear or refuse to send their troops, because in their mind they think "If i send my defenses i can't defend my village" or "If i send my defenses and i lost them all i'm vulnerable" or "What i personally instantly gain if i send my troops ? nothing", considering and talk about the possibility to put every weekend a bonus resource you gain based on % of Def and Att points you do during the week.

    The new player don't need to think he lost all troops and a waste of a lot of resource, you lost some troops for help your Alliance ? a % of this troops is saved and come back in your village in 24 hours, at the end of the week you take some resource based on your Def % bonus.

    I think we have an huge problem in Travian, nothing keeps you in the game for a long time, classic problem, play the random game like League of Legend and some time Alt+Tab for control Travian Account status, this is a huge problem who affect all players of Travian, we need something who encourage players to stay more time to Travian, the Achievements System ? nah... not enough and useless system for a lot of players, i've been a lot of time Admin/Co-Admin of a lot Alliances, in time of night missions to waste time we played some random games like Atwar, Risiko Online, Briscola, Scacchi, Dama, Tetris etc, so.. here my idea.

    In Travian Kingdoms we have a """""""Card Game""""""", why dont create a true, simple and tematic Card Game ? you can already imagine what cards you can have, Roman, Gaul and Teuton troops, if you think is a good idea you can too add some "spells" like Bendage, Cage, etc, in the dead times of Travian players can affront other players in the Card game.

  • See that's better. Share those in suggestions.