New village outside Kingdom

  • Hi, when settling new village, can it be outside my kingdom borders? If yes, are there are disadvantages? Are there any advantages to having a village inside kingdom borders? Thanks

  • - Can you do it?

    Yes you can, you can settle any open tile you see on the map, the only limitation is further the tile is the longer your settlers travel meaning someone else might get there first.

    - The advantages of settling outside borders

    Usually there is more room, and if your kingdom is very full there might not even be any space inside the kingdom. More over tiles outside of the borders can have tiles you want (like one that makes more iron or one that makes more crop) and there is less competition for oasis as well.

    - The downsides

    If your village is inside the borders the most important advantage is that everyone in your kingdom can see if and when you get attacked allowing them to defend you easier. Village inside borders also makes tributes for your king making him stronger which is good for the kingdom. You can also sell stolen goods in any village inside borders which makes managing your resources bit easier.

    Overall you want at least couple of your villages inside borders but don't be afraid to step out of them (especially towards the edge of the map as there are less enemies there) if you need more of particular resource that's not easily available inside borders. Ask your king for ideas and where he plans to expand the kingdom in the future. Life outside borders can be dangerous especially near enemies so watch out for that.