2019.09.17-18. The Neighborhood of Empire and GBB

  • After a small border conflict between Empire and GBB we checked the calendar and realized it is high time for Oktoberfest (Oktoberfest in September equal logic). So we decided to act and help our friends to celebrate and enjoy the seasonal beer at Oktoberfest with clean conscience and peaceful nights.

    First steps. The first thing what we did was checked out of defensive capabilities of GBB on the strategic points. We attacked the largest treasure village [-16|20] of the kingdom with a massive spam waves and then scouted the village.

    Scouts report --------------------------------------------------->

    Conclusion. Total we noticed around 10.3k deff units and 48 heroes that are total around 15-16k crops after front spam operation. Old school players know it is almost suicidal (wall+ditch+stone) do front attack on 20 days of the new game world because players still do not have enough catapults and rams.

    Preparation. We have been thinking and planning a couple days “big conspiracy” against everyone (BM as well) with multiple complicate, after all we had chosen 5 treasures of GBB. We have deployed mainly players from border zone between two kingdoms for the operation. The plan of attack wasn't forthright, and we pulled a little tricks. Besides main targets we took additional villages which on the all picture weren't look like additional targets and divert attentions from main targets. But first things first.

    Operation targets:

    1) Steering GBB away from our true intentions and stop by for (for a cup of tea) in empty capital of ManBär [0|16] and grab +1000 goods.

    2) Completely destroy village (Übärfa [-8|23]) that isn't a treasure village but it's yummy crop15 +125% and it located on our territory,so it is essential village for our needs.

    Show time:

    1) GBB have 5 Treasures. We splitted them for long-distance and short-distance. Basically we do not consider long-distance target in that operation and focused on Short-distance targets which were our main target. We splitted them.

    First: is an impregnable fortress with 3k goods which we scouted to get deff information.

    Second: is Duke with 1.7k goods, so that is Rome non capital city.

    Third: is Duke with 1k goods, Teuton + capital city.

    Question: What target will you deff, consider basic logic?

    I will help you with middle school quiz:

    - The largest treasure [-16|20] (no comments).

    - Not capital Rome [-7|13] (tasty 1.7k goods and repeat it isn't a capital city).

    - Teuton smallest treasure [0|16] with 1k goods.

    So we thought that the first action should destroyed opponents mentally and put some moral pressure with low losses for us. So we took 3 village as a main target because that is unremarkable target to compared with others.

    But! There were 2 tricks:

    First: one player went out everywhere with 10 units and on the largest treasure with 32 units, as supposed to be on every target. We made a fool out of him, showing like he is fucked up the operation…

    Second: other player intentionally missed the exit to the real our target, but went out everywhere with a good tight spam. Purpose of that was to excluded one participant from the Empire-Express (main target) and make them think it is wrong spot and here is coming fake attack. The result of look further...

    2) The arrival time of the Empire train was at 4 am server time (when our friends softly slept in there beds) we decided to use that time as opportunity grab crop15 [-8|23] for our beautiful girl (the girls in Travian now in deficit, so we love and appreciate them :))) ). 90 min before arrival time of our attacks we scanned the village, so the village was almost empty and we started the bloody act. That was beneficial for our main operation as well because we bring additional distraction and made them to think that, the village may be main target and on top of that, obvious at night is always difficult to think objectively that should help us as well.

    The operation:

    1. Breakdown from Turbo ---------------------------->

    Pre-breakdown from Neferon --------------------->

    Final stripping from Bowl of cherrie ----------->

    Destruction of buildings #1 from method --->

    Destruction of buildings #2 from Ismael ---->

    2. Scouts report -------------------------------------------->

    Breakdown from Tender beast -------------------->

    The results:

    1) Was stolen 1123 goods. and - 8740 of Victory Points . Destroyed 12lvl Treasury (263k resources and 31:15 hours of rebuilding if main building 20lvl). Came in for a cup of tea(vodka) with petsels in empty village.

    2) In the [-8|23] were not deff units, and we start immediately taking over the village. It was at least 90 minutes to free operation, as deff units, most likely, were distributed between treasures. We were taking over the village till 6:30 am, because the player was online and desperately tried to safe the village, but the help never came. As a result we destroyed the village and thrown back the economy of the former owner a week at least. New owners (trial account) still can't sober up (big Russian soul…).

    See u again :)

    Original text by TheFieryPhoenix. Translated and corrected by Go bananas (forum: HardTime)