tribe guides

  • It will be good. Please, someone get us links.

    Well... about it, I can Say something about my experience in short:

    ROMANS - They get advantage on build, because you can develop in and out village at the same time, so you MUST use this to quick evolve and be productive. with a good production and a well developed village you can do more things than a gaul or teuton. They are very good lategame, so be patient.

    GAULS - Many people ask why gauls are good defenders if they troops are weak than romans. Unlike other triber they have TWO unique buildings, because they have bigger crannys. It is very good on support villages, where you dont need defend, just send resources to other village. Of course they will use troops, but it is not a concern or a real issue at first.

    TEUTONS - "They just need clubs, bags and some crop" Basically are assaut tribe, so you will need troops and with a good farm can prior you development than production, so they need be much active.

    IMPORTANT. Any tribe can be used in any strategy line, by any style of player, and unusual combinations can be interesting. Althrough not a best use of this tribes, can be a surprise.