Chiefing vs Catapulting?

  • Hi all, just wondering if there is a method to work out whether a village is cheaper/better to chief (Residence/Academy to 20, research & train chief) compared to catting a village and settling/rebuilding it?

    Thanks in advance! :-)

  • Well, you could guess the building levels of the target village, subtract one (conquering a smaller player causes every building and resource field to lose one level), calculate their building costs and compare it to the academy + research + chief cost. Academy + research + chief cost ~600k resources I think. All fields to level 9 (10 minus 1) cost ~670k resources, not even including the interior village. So unless it's a very shitty 350 pop village or something along those lines, you're probably better chiefing. Cities are kind of always resourcefriendlier to chief than to build.

    If one wanted to calculate it very strictly, one could also argue, that by chiefing you finish the village more quickly and therefore have the full benefit (production, culture) of it earlier. This might not seem like much, but could make a difference of a few 10k or even 100k resources.

    Also, when chiefing you don't need to build everything from scratch, obviously. Might not be a numeric value on paper, but it's definitely less exhausting to play, if one doesn't need those few hundreds little clicks for every new village.

  • yes, adding onto be's post, for the chiefing to be worth it strictly in terms of resources then you need to estimate the resource value of the village you're conquering (fields + buildings), subtract it by the cost of conquering from where you currently are (academy + research + chief) and see if that's higher than the negative cost of 3 settlers.

    Assuming you have all the other prerequisite buildings for a chief then for the chief to be worth it:

    (conquering: target village worth - lvl 20 academy - chief research - chief) > (settling: - 3 settlers)

    And even if it's not worth it in terms of res, it might be worth it to save you time. Especially in the later stages of the game where settling becomes less and less desirable due to the time it takes to get the village up and running compared to if you had even a 300 pop head start.