Halloween Hunt Server

  • Yeah, every-time you attack someone, and when the troops are at their doorstep, they get an option to choose between "Trick or Treat".

    Following are the outcomes depending on what choices they make :

    Trick - If they choose "Trick" , your attack will randomly land on any of their villages. However, the algorithm is programmed in a way that higher the population of a village, higher the probability of it being attacked.

    Treat - If they choose "Treat", your attack will land on their village with maximum resources and minimum defense.

    In case the opponent does not choose any of those 2 options, the attacks will land as usual, but they will receive a "Black Cat" in return which will bring them bad luck - i.e. their production will be halved for a period of 24 hours or unless the black Cat is killed.

    Killing Black cat - To stop players from misusing the feature and asking allies to kill the Black Cat for them, the Black Cat can only be killed by a player from different kingdom.

  • This is hilarious. :D

    @Topic, I assume analogue to other special servers, some kind of "global win condition" that, if fulfilled, grants a special achievement for everyone, but no other special rules.