2019.09.29-30. Empire vs. GBB: Concrete was running, but we caught it!

  • We had been thinking where to go .. We don't have heavy machinery for completely destroy villages. Brake 2 units and a fence in a village it is waste of time. Some offers ready for a suicide, so we need target with deff. Where is a lot of deff ? Right in biggest treasure of GBB. How smart is that move? We'll see after the war.

    Preoperative, the nature and formation of goals. Couples days before the organized attack, we every night spamed GBB (majority spam 2-5am server time) focused more on governors. By the evening of Sunday, one of our players (Clockwork orange) finished using the boost x2, so we had to kill the troops because it was around -20k crop in the village and moved the account into ordinary development. Also some our players took decision start a new speed server (01.10.19) so that demanded drain the troops as well. The goal for that needs must be big, so nothing crossed my mind except the main treasure of GBB. I can highlight the main points:

    1) 02:00:00 09.30.19 we spamed Bärenqueenie, [-16/12] the strategic goal was, pretending that we want to check how much deff units they able to get on that treasure, with analogy what we did last operation.

    2) Part of the offers made solo exits that came before and after 02:00:00, show again its just random spam like we did last couple days.

    3) We involved mass spam on treasuries, capitals, cities, villages and even oases from 50+ players (part of is chaotic, part of according to plan). Purpose of that disappointed the opponents. some spams had any sense some spams looked like we pretend take over some border villages.

    4) Clockwork orange completed the boost of vacation for accelerated construction of troops (X2). Becesuly, the player tested his calculations on different branches of account development, to use that in the future and they were very successful. And the last boost, we decided to use to hit a natars village, but at the end moment we change the target. He jumped close to main treasure of GBB , but main purpose of that was use the resources from resources fields to build Brewery and make the hit stronger. We sent siege 1 hour after the scan, (3 am) at that time they should already called off the troops and got to bed thinking that it was again spam (I did not approve this method but majority players voted to go, so as a leader I deserve to be accused of hypocrisy).

    5) All hits were looking as random spam, all offers went with big gaps (up 3 min) after 3am and a half hours after the scan.

    Goal operations - under the mass spam for several days penetrate the main treasures with 10k good of GBB Bärenqueenie, [-16/12].

    The operation:

    Breakdown from Clockwork orang ------------------------------------------->

    Pre-breakdown from FOG --------------------------------------------------------->

    Pre-breakdown from Turbo ------------------------------------------------------>

    Pre-breakdown from Riposte --------------------------------------------------->

    Destruction of buildings #1 from H₂O -------------------------------------->

    Stripping from CHE ------------------------------------------------------------------->

    Destruction of buildings #2 from method -------------------------------->

    Destruction of buildings #3 from pum ------------------------------------->

    Destruction of buildings #4 from Bowl of cherrie -------------------->

    Destruction of buildings #5 from KiberAngel --------------------------->

    Destruction of buildings #6 from TheFieryPhoenix (I will add below, there was not enough space)

    The result:

    1. We didn't reach our target , so we failed the operation.

    2. We met about 70k of Def, which is admirable, GBB defended well that time. Good job guys! We lost about 111k off units from 11 players in exchange for 50k deff units from 36 players (as we saw 36 heroes). Maybe GBB correct me.

    3. Well, we will consider this a recon mission. We came up with new ideas and next time we will be smarter and stronger.

    See u again :)

    Original text by TheFieryPhoenix. Translated and corrected by Go bananas (forum: HardTime)

  • Scouts report from GIkk ------------------------------------------------------>

    Solo from Ismael ------------------------------------------------------------------>

    Solo from subaru_002 --------------------------------------------------------->

    Solo from Tender beast ------------------------------------------------------->

    Destruction of buildings from TheFieryPhoenix ---------------->