Quest Book Add-On: "Skill Tree"

  • Hello everyone.

    After few round of Travian Kingdoms, Quests do get little boring.
    And they are same for every player, so in the end all players have pretty much same stats or percantage (population, troop ratio, kind of troops).

    I propose an Add-On to the Quest Book.

    After a player sets his 5th village and resolves the quest related to it, player gets one extra chart to the "Quest Book - OpenQuests/DailyQuests/SkillQuests

    At that new chart he gets 3 quests but can resolve only 1 of them, other 2 will dissapear without reward upon completion of 1 quest.
    So, in start quests would go:

    1. Attack 10 villages/
    2. Deffend 10 villages
    3. Spy on 10 villages

    So we have split player development into 3 sections (off, deff, spy)
    In addition, there could be 5 instead of 3 quests, so there are 5 ways player can evolve during the round:
    4. Make 100 trades
    5. Improve your population by double

    So we get 2 new types of players: Trader and Builder.

    Once a player takes one of the quests and resolves them, he gets new sets of quests:

    1. Attack 10 villages
    1.1 Destroy 100 units in battle or demolish 2 buildings with catapults

    1.1.1. Destroy 1000 units in battle by attacking
    1.1.2. Demolish 5 buildings with catapults

    2. Deffend 10 villages
    2.1 Destroy 100 units in battle by defending or defend 20 villages

    2.1.1. Destroy 1000 units
    2.1.2. Defend 50 villages

    3. Spy on 10 villages
    3.1. Spy on 50 villages or destroy 50 enemy spies

    4. Make 100 trades
    4.1. Send 50 000 ressources to your Kingdom

    5.. Improve population 2x
    5.1. Chief enemy village

    And so on and on...

    With quests like this, there would be far less SimCiting, specialy in the middle and end game, where players are reward for activly attacking other active players, demolish their buildings, deffend your team mates and maybe even some other smaller Kingdoms around. Spying constantly...
    For reward something different: ointment, bandages, cages, XP.
    It is just an idea. I hope you will think about it :)