We can't report players anymore?

  • All my tickets got deleted, had 4 or 5 multi-accounters reports. One guy wasn't even hiding that he is using 3 accounts. He had acc names like "Name 1" "Name 2" "Name 3". Just same name with 1,2,3 numbers. I see "report players" tab is removed. Is there any chance that they will be banned?

    Oh bug reports are removed too. No more Game Support? :'( Old good times when Russian multi-accounters with 7 accounts kingdoms were banned in less than 10 hours after my reports.

    EDIT: All my tickets are back and we can report players again, but it's almot 5 days without response. Any info?

    Kind regards,
    Mad Skillz

  • Its the "?" at the top right....but I understand your frustration.......seems multi accounters dont care they are breaking the rules.

    Yeah you need to click "?" and go to the "Help Center". "My tickets" and few report options (report player, suggestion/feedback and 1 other I forgot) were removed yesterday and added back (maybe bug or maintenance). But my tickets are still waiting, 5 days no reply soon. Reported obvious multi accounters, one very toxic and rude player for harassment too but nothing happened. Any info from CM/other mods?