Villages on 1/1/1/15 Why ?

  • I will tell you that in Kingdoms you can indeed play without a cropper if you are def or don't have a huge force. On the other hand if you look at the Hall of Fame hammers you will understand why having a decent 15c is vital for top troop producers of all tribes and playstyles. Even with 40k treasures worth of crop you cannot feed these nrs of troops. Thus you will need a cropper and the good old cropper race is very much still a thing

  • There are basically 2 reasons:

    1. A lot of troops need a lot of crop.

    2. The main village is the only one where you can build your resource fields above level 12, so you want it to yield the best results possible. And crop fields simply yield those best results, because their bonus is usually way higher than all the other resources. The maximum bonus you can get for wood is 100% (25% sawmill, 3x 25% wood oases) and you can get that bonus for up to 5 resources fields as there are no village types with more than 5 wood fields. Same for clay and iron. For crop on the other hand, you can get up to 200% bonus (25% grain mill, 25% bakery, 3x 50% oases) for all of the 15 crop fields.

    Given that (I think) most of the top players use gold, they don't really care, what kind of resource they get. Even if they don't need that much crop at the start of a round, they can easily use gold to turn it into whatever resources they need (NPC trader). In this tool you can simulate the amount of resources you can get of a village based on the level of the resource fields, oases and other things, if you wanna know how much you can get from a 15c^^

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  • There are 2 reasons

    1) in the long run crop will the most difficult resource to acquire and while you can of course NPC merchant your spare resources into it, picking your capital to be a cropper (9c or 15c) will at the very least lower the gold cost of maintaining an army and especially for folks who don't use lot of gold it allows them to build a much bigger army.

    2) crop fields are cheaper to level than resource fields, have less upkeep than resource fields and most importantly they have higher bonus with 2 different boosting buildings and potential 50% oasis bonuses instead of 25% for other resources. This means a 15c capital is the highest possible total production and as such best choice for your capital.

  • 2) crop fields are cheaper to level than resource fields, have less upkeep than resource fields

    These are the costs to level one field of the given resource to level 17 and the crop consumption at that level:

    Resource Type
    Cost for one field to level 17
    Crop consumption of one field level 17
    Wood 2280205 32
    Clay 2280220 32
    Iron 2462635 42
    Crop 2280195 14


    So yes, crop is the cheapest and has the lowest crop consumption, but the difference is so small that it doesn't matter. The only exception here being iron which takes ~8% more resources than crop.