Mobile Updates iOS v1.8-0 and Androids v1.3-0

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    Dear players,

    We have released the new App versions, iOS 1.8-0 and Android 1.3-0 :love:

    We got ready for the Halloween Hunt :evil: comx5 round and got some bugs fixed.

    General Improvements & bug fixes

    • Arabic: When changing the phone language to English and back, we got mixed up and displayed both languages at once. This is fixed and we will show you only one language from now on.
    • Backend preparation for the upcoming Halloween Hunt 5x round on Oct 22
    • Smaller text improvements

    Changelog iOS 1.8-0: Improvements & bug fixes

    With this update, we ask you again to allow push notifications.

    • Name: We renamed the App name to Kingdoms
    • Treasury: Kings and Dukes can now activate and deactivate treasuries. Vice-Kings will learn this skill later.
    • New players can accept the terms & conditions
    • Night Truce Rounds: We implemented several adjustments to optimize the playing on Night Truce rounds:
      • Image: We now display the Night Truce image in the game round list on iOS
      • Attack restriction: We display now more information when trying to set up an attack within the Night Truce time
      • Farm lists: You will get a notification if only some targets can be raided

    Changelog Android 1.3-0: Bug fixes

    • Chat: Linked kingdoms either weren’t displayed at all or with a wrong name in the APP. This is fixed and tagged kingdoms are shown correctly now.
    • Several smaller bug fixes

    Thank you for playing Travian Kingdoms! :thumbup:

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team

  • Hi, is it possible to fix some basic stuff

    - Opening messages through system notification (keeps loading forever)

    - Get the game looking and functioning at least closer to browser version if not the same.. It feels like some super poor version with like just 20% of browser version

    - Enabling to see shared battle reports from other players

    - Enabling to open coordinates my kingdom shares in chat or at least make coordinate finder work for real.. At this moment I can search for locations only by village/city names

    - Placing marker on villages gets me "invalid request"

    And a lot more.. Lets start with basics.. I hope you are aware how big Android market is and how much money and exposure it brings to developers, please polish the app.

    Best regards!