bot the farm list

  • I would like to propose to insert in the game the automatic sending, at intervals of time established by the player, of the farm list in a few words what is called bot.

    Let me explain better, it is known that many users take advantage of incorrectly using tools outside the game to send the farm list, and despite many proposals nothing has ever been done to counter this abuse. It is also known that the farming system, if done correctly, is a boring practice, staying in front of the PC for whole days and clicking every 3/5 min sending is no satisfaction.

    So my idea is to bring this mechanism directly into the game, making it accessible to everyone and nullifying the advantage of the incorrect. In this way the skill in the raids would be given by the ability of the player to set in the best way his bot (choice of the best farms, number of troops to send and how often to do it) instead of tricks or fixed presence on the PC.

    It could be used as a paid function as is already the case for the travian plus