[Discussion] Relocation Overhaul – Menhir Era 2.0

  • I do feel that there could be a close of menhir function after a period of time on normal servers too, maybe after 6 weeks? (if you haven't found a kingdom by then, then there is probably some other reason why)

    also it would be good to know how this will impact on the current speed settling? since menhir features heavily in current startup guides too

  • yeah but it looks like it just gets abused bye veteran teams

    All the cooldown thinks sound good, but they will find a way arround it and keep abusing this.
    So there needs to be a limitation for 1 village accounts too.....like you loose the possibility to relocate as you have build more than 5k troops.

    Or you can relocate but only take 5k troops with you.

    If you build more than 5k troops and than still don't know if you want to stick to the kingdome you are in, it can't be helped.

    troop limit would prevent abuse much better.

    Good point.

    So, you are saying, we need to add a 4th point or would you switch it with another point? A relative troop limit depending on what exactly or a fixed one?

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  • This hole thing has do be overworked....

    Now a New Player with beginners protection from a well known big Kingdome settles a Village into our zone.
    It's just a metter of time, till this player will leave his kingdome, make a new one and starts inviting the players which abuse Menhir invitation

    So we can't do anything now....just wait and hope, that they try to do Menhir shit when we are online......

    Not worth mentioning that it looks a little stange anyways that a fresh 4 days account decided to settle very far away into enemy territory ;)

  • This makes sense on speed rounds, but not on standard game rounds that last more than 5 months.

    Do you think, there should be harsher rules for speed rounds and relocation? Or would these harder restrictions harm to many players that got a rough start?

    If you limit it to two weeks on x3 and 6 weeks on normal speed, almost every player will have at the very least 2 villages (which stops menhir automatically). If not, they are having a rough start maybe, and they can move around in that timeframe. After that there is little sense to continue playing with only 1 village, unless for menhir abuse.

  • that changes work only on x5 now?

    Big NO! These changes are nowhere. We are discussing them here first with you all.

    Do not mix it up with the special rules applying to comx5!

    This hole thing has do be overworked....

    that is why we are discussing it here. What do you think about the concept in the initial thread post? Do you think it will improve the situation you described?

    If you limit it to two weeks on x3 and 6 weeks on normal speed, almost every player will have at the very least 2 villages (which stops menhir automatically).

    @all: what do you think about these timing? Do you think they are too short, too long? Or do you see any other impediments why we shouldn't implement them?

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  • Glad to see you all still cater to exploiters and don't punish them...i am amaized people arent mass boycotting this game after you let people abuse your game mechanics and then say "oh its intentional to just mass relocate at will". this is the last time i will play kingdoms. i am allready deleting all my accounts.

    played travian since 2008 ... no more.

  • I would connect the menhire feature to the beginners protection period. That should be enough time to look for a kingdom.

    Also it should be permanently disabled after the second village. Chiefing all villages but one and then teleporting the hammer village around should not be a thing.

  • Also it should be permanently disabled after the second village.

    There is one problem, if someone cata down your second village, menhir is eazy way how to run out from problem. Imagine your king will kick you from his kingdom. They left you alone. You have noone. Just write some other kings to menhir you far way from them is the only change how to continue in playing. And this is same with time limit. Tell me what will you do in this situation, when you want to continue in playing...

  • After the relocation, the player will have a cooldown phase of 12h/Speed in which they cannot attack but can be attacked.

    Yes, this is good idea, BUT imagine worlds with night peace - 8h of peace that noone can sent attacks - eazy way how to deffend "Jumppers" villages. After 8h jumpers need to survive 4h with deff, after 4h they can start ruining evemies...

    This will not solve the problem. I know this is for speed rounds but in normal server it will be 48h or what? This is completly destroy someones progress when will someone decide to use menhir.... and i think in 48h robbers will attack main village....

  • I think it is a good idea to make it not possible to menhir 2-3 after the server has started. It is now abused when one kingdom is trying to conquer area and the other kingdom is filling up all tiles with menhir so it is impossible to send settlers. If you cata a village down there is a menhir before settlers land. You can not cata a menhir so you can never take that area.

  • 1. Area around the World Wonders

    Like the Halloween Hunt, there will be an area around the WW’s that no one can relocate to. The big difference to comx5: There won’t be other special rules for this area. This should ensure that the kingdom(s) around the WW have more time to react to suddenly appearing guerilla attacks.

    Size: 13² map tiles = a quadrat with a radius of 7 fields around the WW tile.

    I think this is an good idea and I can even think it shall be a bigger area