Have dedicated animators in-game

  • You're boring. Flying has complicated the game and made it interesting! Georgy, you need to discuss with leadership question about employment on servers 2 animators! Their responsibilities should include

    1. team gathering for the upcoming round,

    2. training beginners

    3. team management.

    4 waging military action against other teams.

    5. lighting will play in the forum (victories and failures).

    Teams animators must be always adversaries each other and constantly to fight!!! What does it give? This should increase the involvement of players in the game and increase the profit from the purchase of gold. As the last test server showed-active team play revives the server and the players ' interest in the game! This is a short version of the sentence. I hope you can understand the whole global meaning of this innovation, it will bring a new quality of the game for players and fill the budgets of the company!

    Ты скучный. Полеты усложнили игру и сделали ее интересной! Георгий, вам необходимо обсудить с руководством вопрос о трудоустройстве на серверы 2 аниматоров! Их обязанности должны включать

    1. сбор команды на предстоящий раунд,

    2. обучение новичков

    3. управление командой.

    4 ведение военных действий против других команд.

    5. освещение игры команды на форуме (победы и неудачи).

    Команды аниматоров должны быть всегда противниками друг друга и постоянно воевать!!! Что это дает? Это должно повысить вовлеченность игроков в игру и увеличить прибыль от покупки золота. Как показал последний тестовый сервер-активная командная игра оживляет сервер и интерес игроков к игре! Это короткая версия предложения. Надеюсь, вы сможете понять весь глобальный смысл этого нововведения, оно принесет новое качество игры для игроков и наполнит бюджеты компании!

  • Лентяй thank you for sharing your idea. It's worth to discuss it in a dedicated thread. That is why I moved it from the menhir discussion and created this own thread.

    @all: What do you think about this idea?

    My concerns: there is not just one way on how to play Travian Kingdoms. What if these trainers don't follow the rules or what if the the team members don't want to follow orders but want to be part of the decision making?

    What exactly do you mean with 5.?

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  • I mean, players need to be led around the game. It is necessary that on the server there were 2 animators and 2-4 independent teams. New players will join teams of animators, learn to play and enjoy wins and losses, and after a few rounds will join other teams or gather your team and will fight for the victory in the round!! Test animators can be on players which already collect team from 50 man, There is players which collect on test server 100 man they have there are skills work, them is lacking demands and tasks animator and they will be able better disclose players potential of the game. A code of ethics for animators is needed. Game decisions animators must to accept with players its team, this the that concerns s gaming strategy, but in alliances with other animator they to intercede not can!!!! only with independent teams. Professional work to involve players in the game will pay off the growth of profits from the purchase of gold. ethics should be worked out during testing.

  • What I would like is that the developers/animators or whoever they are that run this whole thing, would seek out talented people who have ideas of improving the gameplay and try incorporating them into actually making the game better. Dont have an exact say, but to me it seems, that Travian games have gathered a playerbase of tech minded people so im pretty sure there are some who have a clue of all the ones and zeroes that make the magic happen as well. Plus people who have been playing a lot might have come up with some ideas what they would like to be improved on.

    For example Im thinking of around 3 big ways travian could get more enganging off the top of my head:

    1. Make challenges ..That one is kinda being handled in the form of forum quests, shiny badges and tutorial part of the game and partly answers the problem thats asked about in this thread. Personally i would like the vibe of helping along unexperienced players and make this sometimes tedious, unnerving or confusing game a bit better and earn a more experienced competitors and a healthy forum life in return. Matchmaking is a great thread imo and is a step in the right direction...only a little badge is missing still of getting 24h coverage with international dualing trio :thumbsup:

    Maybe whats missing on that area is decent guides with pictures of important stages in village and more through explanation of all the different strategies a player can take...oh right thats in the blog section so not sure what more is there to for training beginners and make it good experience for them..

    !F only 1 could make some tournament or challenges section in the lobby

    ...Oh wait I can in the forum 8o

    2. The Big One imho is players tweaking maps by open-sourcing that part of the game... and let them set their own terrain they can fight on.

    Mist is a great add and shows theres a lot more that can be done on the map part of the game.

    !F only 1 could design maps of clustered mountains with tight and dangerous valleys and elsewhere dark woods, lushious cropfields or clay caves :love:

    ((id like to see it evolve in some weird starcraftian type gameplay direction where all the building and fighting happens simultaneously, but in travian pace))

    3.have some rounds with player advised rules...so no one can finally point the fingers and accuse the kingdoms team of bad management <3

    !F only 1 could choose the Natar tribe and play against all the server:evil:

    ...+1 that Might be appealing to people who like limited gold idea is some kind of server reservation .:/ ......and probably will help the huge number of player attendance lag issues

    ..!F only 1 could run tournaments that people earn back some of the gold putten in servers, then Im sure they will get more excited about kingdoms 8)

  • I'm fine with game as it is. Don't like the initial idea of making game admin players (woudnt be fair to regular player/s) but there could be implemented something like joining the sides.

    For instance, if you go settle north on start, you join North People who have some special perk. If you join South People and register on South, you get some other perk. If you register where there is less players then anywhere in the map, you also get a special perk. if you settle Randomly, you get special perk. Something like that...

    But i am not sure how would that influence diplomacy and Kingdom making, since new players tend to join the most "strongest" teams and players, no matter of location or war idea.

    Maybe if there is some special task that connecst people into community depending on their position or even size of the Kingdom but this NO from me. If you even care about what I think trolollolol

    Maybe adding some stuff to NAPs Confeds and Wars would be nice. I can sign NAP with other Kingdom and attack them 1minute later no matter the NAP. So whats the point of it then. Same as War. There should be some rules like you can not atk other treasury if you are not in War with them 24h before or even 78h. Would give small Kingdoms and Kings chance to defend their small treasuries against active and goldy pplzzzzz