Banned chat?

  • Hi guys i get ban on chat on com5x. In support is that support team will control ticket in max 24 hours, but nobody checked it. On comX5 its a big problem. I didnt do nothing special, i was using injectives like b*itch, etc. i was only little bit rude and wrote him things like he has no proud etc, but ban for it? wtf?

  • You got chatbanned rightfully, I hope you learn from it and realize, that warmhearted people, who are not used to a toxic environment like yours, exist aswell and want to play the game too, without being bothered and harrassed.

  • I wanted write. I wasnt using injectives. I wrote only truth. Nothing badm nothing angry and 18+ words. And he wrote me that im fucking idiot, that he will destroy my life and this things. I wanted only have peace from him so i sended him to hell. I get ban he not, but he all provocated it. Good players are dehonest in this game

  • btw 50% players playing multiaccounts through VPN and got no punishment. I get punishment almost for nothing. Fair enough. I didnt play 3 years and i really didnt know that admins are so nacists here :D

  • El Rodriguezo if you suspect some players to be multis, or if someone is assaulting you in the chat, please report them via the Help Center. Only when we know about these cases, we can do something against it.

    kind regards,


    Community Communications Manager :)