Limited troop count for the first weeks of a game round

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    I moved your post here in the Idea section so that we can start a dedicated discussion about this topic.

    @all: what do you think about this? What whould be the pros and cons for this? Would this be something only for speed rounds or also for standard rounds?

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  • Limiting a players ability to build troops on the "first few weeks" would reduce the competetivness of the game.
    It would not make it "fair" or help the game in any "balancing" way.
    Others having 10k+ armies and catas after 1 week on 5x is no suprise and really just how the game works.
    Limiting troop production early on would make it a sim fest and then make all players start building troops over the limit at the same time. Not only will this hurt off players since the difference between a good and a great hammer is usually based on the early game (Who starts GB/GS first, who cleared a lot of people early on without many losses to secure good private farms, etc.). It will make worse players stay on even grounds with better players when exchanging blows early on, which while sounding good for a "casual", takes away the fun for players who are dedicated to competition.
    Additionally it would heavily impact the balance between off and def players (who usually profit from simming more than off players) in the early to mid game immensly.

    Overall I must say introducing any time of limitation to the game that go against the basic game design (If you have the ressouces and wait the time, you get more troops, hence more firepower towards your enemy) will only make Travian even more unpopular.

    Always remember that the people buying the most gold are the most competetive ones.

  • The worst idea in the world that I've never heard ..

    Find a kingdom who will protect you well, that take time but if you love that game you should become better to better !

    You cannot come there and kill our game like that.

    It's a BIG no sorry.

  • @all: please keep it civilized and follow the forum Netiquette

    the suggestion for the limitation came up as a help for handling the lagging issues of comx5.

    with all posts here strongly disagreeing, I am closing this discussion now. We won't consider this option.

    Thank you all for sharing your feedback to this topic.