Joining a kingdom appears impossible

  • I have played a lot of Travian (the "normal" version) and I have achieved a decent amount of success. However, my Kingdoms campaigns mostly end in frustration. Out of about 5 Kingdoms game rounds, I have only once been able to successfully join a good kingdom and enjoyed the game.

    My current attempts to join a kingdom have so far been fruitless. I am perched between kingdoms in a "no man's land" and cannot get a king to invite me. I then tried to settle my second village in a kingdom, but soon after I did this, the kingdom boundaries moved and I found myself back to square 1.

    I find this aspect of the game highly frustrating. Maybe I am doing something wrong, but if I am then the game is overly complicated. This has been a frustration since Beta.

    I will probably give up in the next day or two. Happy farming!

  • Thanks for the offer, but I think I am done with Kingdoms.

    I now have 2 villages, neither of which falls within a kingdom. From what I understand it is now impossible to join a kingdom unless a king expand to the extent that I fall within his territory. That means I cannot attach an oasis and I sell stolen goods to the robbers.

    Not much fun. I would rather play the classic versions of the game in future.

  • At the beginning of a round try to contact a king in game.
    Ask them if you can join them and boast a bit about your previous travian experience.
    Most likely a king will take you in and either relocate (menhir) you to a proper spot or you can settle in the kingdom borders and he/she can invite you.
    At the first some days of a server kingdoms still relocate towards the WWs or wherever they want to spend the rest of the server.
    So you blindly settling somewhere will not work. Also kingdoms usually do not like it if you just settle in their borders without ever having contact. They will probably just cata down your village in that case, so contact them first