2019.10.20-21. Empire vs. GBB: Double victory when winners return without losses

  • Unfortunately, we did not make a report about our operation on 14-15.10.2019. We destroyed capital of Libäro ([-3 / 14] with 1355 population) and capital of Brummbär ([-9|14], crop 9 with 1208 population) without any resistance and all our troops came back with no damage. Nothing special about that night. That was first our operation with completely ruining couple targets. We took 2 main goals, but we faced with the server problem (the game world work so F…. bed that day) and we send the troops waves as close as we could but still range was up to 3 min. We were lucky that night and achieved the target. On 49 day of the game world after our unsuccessful operation (when we lost all our off troops) we rebuild our off troops and successfully took down 2 deff capitals. After we settled [-9|14] crop 9, but after couple day our opponents took that village over.

    The main problem of that operation was lack of catapults. for taking down 2 capitals you need 12600 catapults with 300 in each wave. So we took a pause for a week to solve other essential problem our team and build enough catapults for next murder. That time we decided to hit the economy of GBB and we chose 2 treasures.


    1) The capital of the Duke Übärfall - [-7|13], Treasury, 1576 population, 6-cropper.

    2) Non-capital city of the Duke of ManBär - [0|16], Treasury, 1336 population, 6-cropper.

    The essence of the goals:

    1) Once in the first operations we already cleaned up the capital of this player, since then the capital was this village. Indecently developed 6-cropper with tribute, 3 senators and decent off (no, this is not all). Which were so close to our territory. In conjunction off + senators + treasury we stopped our view on this as the main target.

    2) The second target we decided take non capital city but with treasury ( +20 villages) ,although we had enough catapults for two capitals, but for that need more waves and spams some players could not make it. We took one easy target that time, but still with big impact on economy GBB. More than 20 villages remained without treasury zone for couple days.

    The operation (don't spread the logs of destruction, it's boring):

    1. Breakdown from Riposte ---------------->

    Pre-breakdown from Tender beast ----->

    Final stripping from B ADY ------------------>

    Last wave from method ----------------------->

    2. Breakdown from Neferon ---------------->

    Pre-breakdown from CHE ------------------->

    Final stripping from virtyoz ---------------->

    Last wave from Tender beast ------------->

    The results:

    Long story short... We achieved the goal, after that we got large farm territory for couple days without treasure zone, we cut out deff troops on that territory and took over several villages, also we scouted 2 main treasurys of GBB , the firs village was empty, in the second village we lost 2,7 Equites Legati.

    Original text by TheFieryPhoenix. Translated and corrected by Go bananas (forum: HardTime)