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    it is again time to sharpen your swords, gather your friends and jump right into action on the new COM6 game round!

    Many kingdoms will be battling for glory and domination, but can you prevail?

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  • Just a short notice.

    In case you should have any negotiations with Cobalt, don´t take their word.

    Dadam asks me if I would like to join his kingdom (I started with Legion) and I told him to give me a couple of days. After 2 days I accepted his offer.

    Right after I left Legion, he told me that I have to give them my current 9c. Either I destroy it myself or they will. Cause Driftbridge wanted it. After I told them, that I m would give it to him later in the game in exchange for his started village I just got 2 options. Either destroying it myself or getting destroyed. So I didn´t agree and here we go ...

    So just take care guys. This King and their Dukes will tell you anything as long as they "get" what they want ...