More expensive Stonemason's Lodge

  • Hola!

    I suggest that building Stonemason Lodge should be more expensive then it is right now. For only few thousands of resource, you can get 2x building protection/health against catapults which makes Capital almost impossible to catapult down to zero.

    I have this problem on com3. Inactive player fast settled c9 in our Border and is semi inactive there, just keeping that c9 without army, production or anything other then defense. Its day 22 of the World, very few players have catapults except us Kings who must have catapults and use them to clear the border.

    Well, so cheap stonemasons lodge makes catapulting little fast settled villages practicly impossible. I can show you reprots, but experienced players know what it is about, others can try for themselve.

    So, one of my catapult (teuton) costs 1950 resource and I need at least 3 of them to destroy 1 level building, because sending 1 or 2 catapults doesnt make difference, so basicly having 1 or 2 cataupults is stupid thing to posses. You must build at least 5 of them so they can destroy some building level. And that costs you, ladies and gentlemens, almost 10 000 resource. And you have to send army with that catapults also, which costs a lot of ressource also. And you have long walk to the enemy village, which alerts the enemy player who always places reinforcment from friends or what ever (just example).

    SO I have to spend like 50 000 ress or more just to destroy 1 building level while enemy player can build stonemason lodge for few thousands of ress and have a real good laugh on my hard work. Getting cats in day 20 reqeuires you to play Travian more then 8h per day and player who makes Stonemason does not have to play more then 30min or 1h so it is very big dissadvantage.

    Maybe you should even make a rule that player can not proclaim village a Capital while it is inside other Kingdom border.

    Who thinks im a noob and dont know what im talking about, I suggest you to go cat a player on day 22 1.5k pop vs 500pop and lvl20 stonemason lodge.

    I suggest that you make that stonemason more expensive.. Stonemason lodge from lvl1 to lvl20 costs 237240 IN TOTAL.
    Level 1 to level 10 stonemason costs 18530 resource! You can earn that with 2, 3 robber hideouts. I think its a joke and not fair to offensive players and Kings in general.

  • In case you didn't notice: You're not supposed to be able to easily zero ones village at day 20. If an inactive player was able to deny you a cropper, it's not the system's fault.