Achievement Point for village

  • if quest is for village only then city not count.

    New village

    Found a new village. If you like your kingdom, choose a spot within it. If you found your village in a different kingdom, you can be invited to the new kingdom by the reigning king.

    3500‬‬ 3500‬‬ 3500‬‬ 1000‬‬

    I like to send def to Robber Camp:saint:

    WHY Startup farm list   have only 10 target? (no kingdoms with 10 treasures ):(

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  • Why do you not getweely achievement point credit for creating a new settlement if you use your culture points to create a city ?

    Why they decided it that way ... no idea. The challange text is acquire a new settlement (i.e. occupy another slot on the map), not use another cp slot, so probably that's why though. However, you can conquer a city and it'll count.