Halloween Hunt - the second weekend

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    Dear players,

    many of you reported lagging issues over the weekend again. Not just our developers were monitoring the game round closely. The whole Kingdoms team is focused on the Halloween Hunt world. Many of us and people from other Travian departments are playing on this game round are emotionally involved in comx5.

    It’s frustrating for us, when our efforts are not visible. Like mentioned in a previous statement, there are several different issues leading to what you see as lagging. Our developers combined their work force with developers from other departments. They were able to fix some of them, improving others and we work hard on improving your (and our) playing experience. Rest assured we want these issues fixed just as much as you do.

    That is why the focus has shifted. The errors are not about general being stuck in-game anymore. Mostly, the chat is not reachable, or troop movements are not updated.

    Our recommended workaround for now is: go easy on your F5 key. Please do not refresh too often. Instead, try to open a new tab to see troop movements.

    Whenever you experience any issues, report here: [comx5] Lagging issues

    We are reading all your posts.

    Our main focus for now is improving the chat stability.

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team

    P.S.: Seize the day and participate in the forum contest! Today is the last full day. We will close participation tomorrow morning. Halloween Hunt - The Forum Contest

    Community Communications Manager teuton-strong

  • so nothing really happens. The game is destroyed, gold you keep and continue to do the experimental.

    Have never seen greater recklessness. I would like to specify that this is not of some competition in the forum, but a fighting game in which communication is necessary.

    Why don't you restart? The whole game is lost.

  • Why do you always say it is "on the weekend"? We are having lagging issues every evening (server time), like right now (Monday, 10:16pm server time).
    I tried to send def and couldn't do so for over 5 minutes because the map was no loading (all squares empty/none responsive), Profiles of players were not loading and over the rally point it would not let me select any villages when I entered the coords, resulting in me not being able to send a timed def and missing several waves here that could have been snipped.
    Additionally we cannot dare to start timed ops due to regular lagging issues (ever other hours or so, there is an "event jam" or whatever you call it when the server cannot keep up processing the game events + heavier stuff like every evening), we often cannot do def calls, because chat is down for several hours (nearly) every day since this server started.

    All I want to say is, this issue is bigger than "some frustration" on weekends.
    Every day of the week there is stuff happening that are resulting in damage done to Kingdoms and Players.
    At least I got my one exp scroll to give my hero 1/200th of a level up (39 -> 40)

  • Why do you always say it is "on the weekend"?

    Hello sssss#DE thank you for bringing it up. It's true that I am posting a rundown on what happened every weekend so far (we had 2). I am also posting regular updates during the week, the most recent one from yesterday here:

    The Halloween Hunt - Chat Stability

    These resets are a temporary solution to the connectivity issues while we are working on a permanent fix.

    Be assured, there will be a next status update about the permanent fix I was talking about very soon.

    kind regards,


    Community Communications Manager teuton-strong