Starvation process

  • Hola!

    I was wondering and I'm too lazy to test myself... how does starvation proess works in TK now?

    For example:

    Village "TestTown"has crop production of 1000 crop per hour.
    Inside TestTown there are 2000 own player troops, of owner of TestTown.
    Plus inside are 2000 Kingom members troops.
    Plus there is inside 2000 NAP member troops.
    Plus there is 2000 enemy troops stationed as defense.

    So crop balance is +1000-2000-2000-2000-2000= - 7000 crop per hour
    Granary is full.

    Who dies first??
    Enemy troops or own troops or allied troops, from starvation?

  • In Legends it is: others' troops first, then own troops.
    Within group it is sorted by largest pack of troops of the same type.
    I mean, if one player provided 1000 legionnaires and 1000 praetorians and another player provided 2000 phalanx, 1000 phalanx will die before any romans.

  • It's actually different in Kingdoms than in Legends. I am not 100% sure how it works in Legends, but if there are 1000 legionnaires + 1000 praetorians from village A and 2000 phalanxes from village B, one legionnaire will die, then one phalanx, then one praetorian, then one phalanx - and this will repeat over and over again. Here the full ruleset:


    Kingdoms distinguishes between five starvation classes.

    1. Foreign units, that support the starving village.
    2. Own units from other villages, that support the starving village.
    3. Own units from the starving village, that are trapped in some gaul's traps.
    4. Own units from the starving village, that are at home.
    5. Own units from the starving village, that aren't at home (e.g. reinforcing an oasis or moving troops).

    Troops of the first class starve completely before troops of any other classes, i.e. troops of the 2nd-5th class can only starve if no troops of the first class exist. Analogously, no troops of the 3rd-5th class can only starve if no troops of the first or second class exist, and so on.

    Within one class, the biggest troop compound starves first, counting by numbers, not by crop consumption. If e.g. one player sends 5000 phalanxes and another player sends 3000 druidriders, the phalanxes will starve first, if both compounds fit into the same class. Within one compound, the most common troop type starves first, again counted by numbers, not by crop consumption. If the compound to starve has 2000 phalanxes and 1500 druidriders, its phalanxes will starve first. In case of a tie, the "leftmost" unit will starve, e.g. phalanxes before swordsmen.

    These rules are applied unit by unit.


    • It doesn't matter whether troops come from the same kingdom, NAP, confed or an enemy. All are treated equally concerning starvation.
    • Unlike in T:L, sending a hammer into a WW may lead to significant starvation losses, as it's most likely the biggest troop compound and will therefore starve first. At a usual 6-digit negative production this means a 4-digit loss of infantry units per hour.
    • Starvation does not generate any reports, but starved troops are mentioned in the welcome screen.