Speed servers - 5x instead of 3x

  • Hi again :)

    Yes, you will be able to relocate using the Menhir feature.


    at the moment this is one of a kind special 5x server and there aren't any plans about other 5x worlds but if you're enjoying it, please let us know and we'll make sure your feedback is considered :)

    Best regards


    My opinions: Better use x5 sever instead of x3, cuz not everyone has time and patience to complete more than 2 months per game world (you can see the longer the game world, the more inactive players and quitters. Why? Cuz it was too slow and makes ppl sleepy - boring).

    Besides, we are so close with 2020 now, there is none game has that kind of slow (I know this is basically Travian but anyway, time to change)

  • I like the idea of fast paced travian.

    I would to see some weekly team goals awarded with points (most poinst and the end of the round wins) ->

    Kill more robbers,

    Build new villages,

    Catch most animals

    and more like that...

    And if there would be more (much more) speed servers the amount of players would not be so high (like the current comx5) and servers might work normally.

    But I think they can't make worlds to be only for a month, or two. You see, the main income for TK is from players buying gold. And if the round lasts only a month people will not spend as much as on normal world, thus lowering TK income. I take this back. With servers lasting only a month, there would be (I suppose) much more servers a year (or each month) so it would balance itself out.

  • I would to see some weekly team goals awarded with points (most poinst and the end of the round wins) ->

    Kill more robbers,

    Build new villages,

    Catch most animals

    and more like that...

    Yea the quest implementation in the halloween server was a great addition. You can definitely add various goals to spice things up. I dont know if you can make it kingdoms specific but that could do wonders for team play etc.

  • X5 server it's a lot better get rid of Wonders, i like the idea of kingdom with more treasures wins, but we all know there are a lot of ways to hide treasures, or protect treasuries, so.... maybe:

    1. Off points are added to the total VP at the end. Killing own troops, allys, robbers, oasis or from the same kingdom wont add to the Off points (this could be hard to implement, i'm not a programmer so idk)
    2. Deff points are subtracted from the total VP at the end. This is to prevent kingdoms to only turtle all the server, maybe they can hide and protect in a god-like manner, but if the stay only on the deffensive and hoard treasures all the server this will not guaranteed their victory, they will need to go on the offensive as well. Of course this needs more tought, since there's a lot of ways to make a kingdom get deff points by going and killing troops there.

    So TL:DR
    Kingdom with more VP Wins, VP are granted by treasures and kingdom total off points vs a negative mod that's kingom total deff points, this to make the server more war-like and less turtle till the end and win.

    Edit 1: typo.

    "The Moon is a mysterious mistress who walks the night with demons of dread"

  • There is a serious depopulation issue on normal servers. Especially when competing with x3 or x5 servers. I think that there are several reasons to this. People don't chat much either bcs they can't be bothered or don't want to stand out or something. This makes it very hard to engage kingdom members as King and Gov. Team tasks will help spur ppl along to work together ALL ROUND instead of only one or 2 important fases of the game in which most ppl again either don't know how to time attacks or don't send in time blowing the entire plan of the leaders. Speed won't fix this at all. It's more generic in how the kingdoms are built and who ends up sticking around past unions.

  • Im still waiting for slow world that lasts for years but YES from me, players like 5x more then 3x its obvious.

    Plus if you mke a theme worls, like Halloween, with nice picutres, rewards which makes game more interesting, specially to Governors.

    Good idea. But I think themed worlds would be more profitable then giving it more speed.
    Female players are not interested much in wars, more in build and good company. Playing x5 makes you victim 24/7 from my experience.

  • I loved the x5 server. I prefer x5 than x3, but both option can be able I think.

    For people that hate wait hours or days for a build order, its perfect, and thinking in the world like its now, people like fast things, with fast results.

    The normals server are good for casual players with only momentanius time of play.

    And a x5 for each country would be fantastic.

  • Hey guys :)
    I like turtles too! And the Christmas mood is already around the corner but there's not much time left for us to actually design and test thoroughly any Christmas additions.

    We would however love to hear what do you think about 5x versus 3x and should we start launching more 5x speed servers. Do you mind sharing your thoughts with us?

    Kind regards

  • I'd like a 3x (or 5x) with longer duration. Currently, wonders in x3 are at day 43 I think, moving that to day 70 or so as a occasional special server would be nice. Well, at least imo. Not sure about others, I'm a rather lategame lover. Similarily, 5x speed with wonders on day 45 or 50? ^^