Off/Deff/Total Reputation Points

  • We currenlty have reputation points that shows how much player has experience in Travian KIngdoms.
    I have an idea that you add 2 more reputation chararacters.

    One for the total best attacker in Travian Kingdoms. It would calculate all off points from all or Player account and make a list in all Travian Kingdom players.
    One for best defender. Reputation as best defender in all Travian Kingdoms.

    I think it would be a great boost for players to participate more in off and deff actions, and players would naturaly spend more gold, wanting to get more reputation. So they would buy more items on auctions like bandages, which are cheap compared to other hero inventory stuff, my opionion.

    Also, all players that are not very satisfied with game engine or "lags" would come back to get their reputation points.

  • I second this notion. :thumbsup:

    Also, It may be time to start thinking about adding another level or 2 to the prestige awards.....couple years ago i had never seen the triple gold prestige icon....but now im starting to see them everywhere.

  • I think the best thing would be to clear everyone's prestige and create a new points system based on the quality of the game and not on the number of servers made.