Duke can't activate any treasury

  • Hello!

    Server: COM2

    Name: UA-0

    Situation: I played like a duke. I had an active treasury in my capital (U-00). I started activation my second treasury in U-03. After that I abdicated as duke

    "UA-0 abdicated as duke. Yesterday(13/11/19) 13:14"

    And I has been appointed as a duke again.

    "UA-0 has been appointed as a duke by King of RUS. Yesterday 13:15"

    Problem: I can't activate any treasury again.

    In U-00 i see:

    "You have reached the maximum number of available Treasuries."

    In U-03 was the same. Now I destroyed treasury in U-03.

    In Kingdom -> Treasuries I see: "U-03

    Treasury in activation"

    Additional information: I have a vacation now.