Insects - Deff Report

  • Good Morning,

    as apparently nobody likes those sweet little bastards croaching around on your floor and settling inside your buttery, we're the target of a lot of guys recently. As you see in the def rankings, those actions weren't too successful. So, let's have a look at the reports.

    ELEMENTS vs. Insects - 14.11. 23:00

    Tonight, ELEMENTS attacked a lot of capitals & treasuries of us. Our def sheet exploded, and to top it off I (being online until 7-8 am usually) had a important call yesterday morning at 9 am with some stuff to do after that and decided not to go to bed at 13:00 ... big mistake, as I was tired as hell and had to leave for bed around 21:30. But I didn't leave before calling one village I believed to be (one of the) real attacks. Bombus and Scabies believed (in) me, despite my drowziness and did all the coordination for me after calling out a target. DrunKing made a city out of his capital for a level 20 water ditch with a little resource help of ours and built a stonemason level 20. Turns out, I was right and DrunKing's capital was one of the two real targets. Needless to say, that no hammer returned home, none of them even saw the def. Here the reports, not in chronological order though, because my image upload tool mixes the order when bulkuploading:

    Report Screenshots:


    Player Hammer Cats
    Maya Halls 27k 740
    Art1x 68k 300
    javagame2 30k 200
    GorGona 98k 250
    Vibrissa Enota 41k 300
    Sparr0w 74k 250
    Denn 72k 300
    vlad22 25k 327
    uni2zik 34k -
    Cigans 50k 300
    Total 519k 5517

    Unfortunately, I missed the second target they hit, causing Natravnen's capital to be heavily damaged. Fortunately however, we're a swarm and no ego-players, so we all sent him a big chunk of resources for rebuilding his capital, most of which being rebuilt by now. Natravnen managed to snipe some cata waves with in-between-def [may someone tell me how you call it in english?] on his own, causing 624 catapults to die.

    Report Screenshots:

    Italians vs. Insects - 14.11. 02:00

    The very same day, 21 hours earlier, we had another visitor. It wasn't the first time they hit us, but the previous ones weren't too mentionworthy. In their first op (29. October) they managed to steal 2k treasures from my capital, losing 3 of 5 hammer sin the progress. If you're interested, find the reports below. The last time before yesterday they visited, they tried to steal several villages from us. They managed to steal my 002 and Harb's 004 I believe, don't quote me on his village number. My 002 had 20k troops build in it (10k off / 10k def), Harb's village none. We re-chiefed both villages within 48 hours without losses. Other attempts in the same op were dead chiefs due to in-between-def, one "hammer" died on the villages' self-built defense and some attempts to one-hit two villages with a roman triple chief with big party failed. That being said, let's get to yesterday.

    Italians are confederated with Turks (source: they apparently hit DEVILS together and Kyum told me), so they apparently thought they're in a position to blackmail us into cooperation for a wonder à la "do you want to cooperate with us? DEVILS refused to cooperate, so we hit them hard." (it's not a 1 : 1 quote @mods). I told them we don't care about wonders and we prefer their dead hammers in form of def points. They insisted and gave us a deadline of 12 hours, to which I mockingly responded, that we accept their capitulation, if they donate us their treasures, abdicate their vacation-mode-duke, provide stationary defense for us and give up Kyum's triple chief next to us. They obviously didn't do that, didn't even respond to that anymore, but made an offplan against us, hitting yesterday 02:00. Finally. I wanted those def points!

    So, what happened? Italians attacked Scabies', my and Bombus' side villages mainly. Based on experience, we decided to put a little def into most villages instead of full-deffing a few. Some reports look funny and stupid (and they probably are), but we figured that it's enough to kill 25% of the hammer to kill one of two chiefs to ruin the conquer attempt. Also we didn't expect the two roman hammers against Scabies to be that big. But if it looks stupid but works, it ain't stupid ... I guess.

    In the end they managed to conquer only one out of five - and we re-conquered that a few hours later.

    Italian op from 29. Ocobter that I mentioned above:


    Top3 def kingdoms overall:


    Top3 defender of the week kingdoms:


    Top10 def players overall:


    I hope you had a great read and enjoyed the reports.

    Best regards,


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  • Hey guys,

    I'm not sure why you think Babylone told us anything about your plan, but last time I wrote with her was one day before your op - and that conversation was about food and a pizza dough recipe. I can assure you that I didn't get any information from her (also no indirect information, i.e. she told someone, that someone told me or sth). I obviously don't know whether she said something to some member of us, but if she did, I don't know and wasn't influenced by it when deciding where to def.

    We refuse to work with spys at all (ask a certain Italian guy who offered his service as a spy, which we declined ^^) - and even if she told us anything, we couldn't know whether we can trust her or not, so we would have ignored it.

    Also, if anyone is reading this who thought about leaking us information - don't. Even if they're true and we come to the same conclusion independently, it'd suck for us, because it would feel cheated. All of us (at least those who I know, can't tell for guys I just met) would prefer to wake up without a capital, than to use spys. The thrill and fear, whether one's analysis was correct or not is a big part of why the game is fun for me/us. We wouldn't let someone ruin that. :)

    Best regards,


  • ahah rly?? nice joke, but she herself admitted how to say it 😀😀😀

  • Never trust anyone. If you reveal all your plans to all your members - you need to be sure everyone are trusted 100%. That's why we hide everything from our Vice king Ektos8.

    The point of my message was just not to make heroes of those who dont deserve it. Deff coordinator said that he guessed the target of real attack. It is not true. The french Spy pointed on real target.

    Anyway GF and take care, guys. World Wonders are comming...

    Шпик / Bad Russian 👀

  • I can PM you screenshots of our chatlog, if you don't believe me. Since her english wasn't very clean but rather very broken, you might have simply misunderstood her. Maybe she told a random guy of us, I can't possibly know that for sure. But like I said, I (the guy who made the decision where to def) had no information from her, neither directly or indirectly.

  • Who is this Italian traitor spy?

  • I didnt blackmail no one i just said that is ridiculuos play a "war"... (we cant call like this because you just send chieftains at 6 minutes distance and chief villages on border and we never hit yoo cause the biggest hammer you saw was like 15k hammer that for sure cant be considered hammer..) ... "war" based on no strategic o well minded blitz of ten minutes between 2 teams that have 50 and 50 players when there are team of 200+ players growing safe in the opposite side of the world.. I saw in your description you play for fun and I was thinking that a player that want to have fun on travian aim to something more than attack villages in the late night at 6 minutes distance :D

    We have player that spent money and time on that server so we will play to give them a possibility to win not to just blitz chief some village without real goals.. For this reason we always hit you softly pretty always losing less troops than you and yes, chieftains that we dont care that much for seeing how much we have.. For the same reason we stopped to attack you focusing on our goals trying to get them while you are harassing us.