Ability for votes to change king/vice king

  • At this moment, the vice king of our kingdom has gone on a destructive spree: removing the dukes of the king from the kingdom and keep doing so even though the king still invites us back and we start the activation of treasuries again.

    This is a volatile situation where the kingdom cannot function properly, so he essentially ruins the game for the entire kingdom.

    I'd like to see a way where either a king can forcefully abdicate a viceking, or vice versa if the king is going on this rampage so that the vice king can become king.

    This doesn't have to be with the option to crown a new viceking, but at least it would not totally destroy the game for the kingdom if one treasury slot is missing

  • I think there should be a way to get rid of king or VK. On the other hand votings are a lot of drama. In my opinion propably best way would be that there would be a rule change that it is against the rules to play against your kingdom’s best interest as a king or VK. In case either one began to kick all players out, players could report him and get their king or VK removed bc of the rule violation. In case King or VK gets deleted or decide to quit by themselfs, there should be a change to promote a new vice king or merge with another kingdom.