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    A friend at me thought about a troops ratio quest.
    Could be :

    1. 200% ratio quest at 500 pop

    2. 500% ratio quest 1k pop

    3. 1000% ratio quest 3k pop

    What do you think about ?

  • I'd appreciate some quests to guide lesser experienced players in general. Some examples:

    - Celebrate 10 days in a row in one village

    - Celebrate 10/25/50/100/200/300/500 parties (in one game round, I know such achievement exist)

    - Train 100/250/500/1000 scouts

    - Conquer another player

  • Yes, why not, I'm pro that yes !

    Indeed some more quests could be great, not for resources only but for have some more goals.
    They are made for begin in the game and play better, so why not add that kind of achievement :)

  • No.


    Travian Tasks are made "by the book" or PS. If you follow them correctly, you will have in the end 100k troops hammer and 15 to 20 villages. Many players do not understand why tasks are for. They are not to get you nice resss, cp or some reward. No no.

    I am King for long time and I dont need player to have lots of ress, cp and stuff. I need my governors to have 10 or more villages, resource fields 10 in 5, ress lvl12 in capital, 50k troops at least in end game and so on....

    If we gona do pop troop ratio, governors who have 6k pop would have what? 20k troops in the end which is joke for professional player with 6k population in end game.

    Yes, I do agree tasks need complete overhaul. Better say, "glancing". Enchancing, tuning would be best word. But if you play travian kingdoms you need to follow tasks in order to help your kingdom. Even hero lvl100 is good for Kingdom to have, do not be mistaken.

  • I thank you Faust for your opinion, he is welcomed.

    I wait more opinion pros or cons.

    Also don't take my following answer as hostile but inverses as an opinion and for find something who will be appreciated by the most of the community.

    I want only some quest who can help the new players to have a real goal, for being better players as it is the goal finally of the quests book.

    Of course a kingdom need resources tributes but a kingdom need also lot of troops which is not enough time the case in my opinion.
    Quest are done too quickly and personally I never make 10 villages, always 7 or 8 are sufficient for me and you can trust me, I don't have 20k troops only of course. Then I never have the quest for fields to 10 in 12 or even own 10 villages and I don't need them in fact. But my tributes are really good.

    A governor cannot think tribute for the king before think troops ratio, or they become all simmers for the glory of 6 accounts.

    I think so you use the troops ratio to kick players who sim in fact, it's the smarter move.

    Then, do you have some ideas about you want to add/modify or are you against that idea entirely ?

    Your opinion count much, opinion of everybody count much !

    Thanks again to shared it and please if other players are pros or cons please give me feedback :)