Flag Designer For Kingdoms

  • Do you want a flag designer for kingdoms 14

    1. YES (14) 100%
    2. NO (0) 0%

    I think there should be a flag designer for each kingdom at the start of the server. This makes the game more aesthetic and even makes player more ambitious for fighting for their flag.

  • All flags in real life are made by Secret Goverment and flags are used to describe what part of country Secret Goverment controls the most. If you see blue color in flag, that means SG controls justice system. If you see white color, SG controls medical and farmaceutical part of country. If you see red color in flag, it means it represents that SG controls religion. If you see green color, it represents that country is intended to progress in future.

    There are more. Lions, Dragons and Birds.
    Each one of them represents each Secret House that controls this world.

    Then you have symbols such as stars and moons and sun, which represents historical revolutions in that part of land (country).

    So in the end, no country on so called planet earth has right to make its own flag.
    I dont see why would we in this real life simulator.

    But I dig the idea! Would love to make my own Kingdom flag!

  • I like the idea, but honestly I could name you 100 improvements to the game that I'd like to see before that, so I don't think its worth spending developer time on something like this atm.

  • Travian's 1 developer you mean?

    Bridget works very hard at her job......comes in 3 hours late, leaves 3 hours early, and takes a 3 hour lunch, plus drives the company Lamborghini.......and is thoroughly underpaid......

    ...but surely i jest ;)

  • You watch too many movies

  • I'm pretty sure that Bridget does not work as a developer here. And even if she did, the developers are usually not responsible for such decisions.