Trust the gods of Travian?

  • This is the transcript of my conversation with support on how victory points are calculated. Any comments that help me solve my question, I appreciate it.


    I understand that every day at 24 hours (midnight) of the server new victory points (PV) are added to each kingdom, depending on the treasures it possesses. For example, a kingdom with 50,000 PV and 3,500 treasures, at 24 hours server, would have 53,500 PV. Can you confirm if this is correct?

    Today, a few minutes before being 24 hours a day from the server, I have taken note of the PVs and treasures that the first 5 kingdoms had. And after 24 hrs, the second to fifth place kingdoms had received the additional PVs, which corresponded to the treasures they had. But the kingdom that went first received less than its due.

    Is there something I am not taking into account?

    I asked a duke of the kingdom and there were no attacks in which they had stolen PV.

    Support response:

    Hi Hellfreya,

    The calculation of PV are complex, just in case I will ask the programmers to investigate it.



    Customer Service Representative

    Travian Games GmgH

    Me response:

    Well, that does not help me much to solve my doubt.

    So how can the kingdoms be sure that the Victory Points that correspond to them are added every day, should we trust the gods of Travian?


    As you have noticed, they could not answer my question, I am waiting for the second answer of support.

    Any comments that help me solve my question, I appreciate it.

  • Treasures of kings and dukes in vacation mode aren't counted; governors in vacation mode reduce the amount of generated VP per day aswell. Not sure how exactly they are reduced, because I didn't have many cases to monitor, but I THINK (non-vacation governors / total governors) * (counted treasures) VP are generated. If you have sample data for me to think about, feel free to post them though.